Month: February 2019

Write a comprehensive note on Holy Quran as fundamental source of Islamic Laws?

(1)  Introduction to Holy Quran ALLAH has sent His messages to mankind through His , prophets. To reveal His messages, ALLAH has sent some Books and Sahifas. The Holy Quran is one of these Books. All these Books and Sahifas

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What are different kinds of Legal Rights?

(1) Introduction After their birth, human beings realized that they could be helpful for one another by cooperating with one another and by working for one another. This cooperation and working developed concepts of rights and obligations. The origin of

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After submission of award in the court, explain the procedure and role of the court?

(1) INTRODUCTION After submission of award in court, role of court becomes very important. Court can modify, remit or set aside award or can pronounce judgment according to ward, can pass interim orders or can supersede arbitration. It reveals that

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Jobs in Independent Monitoring Unit Elementary & Secondary Education Department (IMUESED-KPK) Through PTS [Last Date: 04-MAR-2019]

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Jobs in Live Stock Dairy Development Board (MNFSR-LSDDB) Through PTS [Last Date: 10-MAR-2019]