4 Signs You Should Change Your Mask

4 Signs You Should Change Your Mask.

During the current global epidemic, the use of masks has increased in most countries, including Pakistan, while in many countries or places it has been declared mandatory.

Although using a mask protects you and others, there is a difference between wearing a mask and wearing a protective mask.

Often the mask you are wearing is not able to give you complete protection against viruses or bacteria and this is the time when you change your mask or use it after washing.

If you want to protect your health and the health of others, keep an eye on these few signs or symptoms and change them as soon as they appear on your mask.

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The mask is torn:

The mask can only protect you if it is not torn or has holes in it. If your mask is starting to explode out of nowhere or if there are holes in it, replace it immediately because it is no longer safe. Not only are you at risk but other people are not safe from you.

If you have the corona virus

There is strong evidence that the corona virus can remain active on certain levels for several days. If you have had the corona virus or have any of these symptoms as is the case with corona patients, you should keep changing your mask. If you use a cloth mask, then wash and dry it frequently and then use it.

If you care for someone

If you are caring for a patient or living close to someone you suspect may be infected, you should change your mask or wash and use it to protect yourself from viruses.

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If a virus touches the mask after touching the infected surface

If you have touched your mask after catching potentially infected areas such as door handles and trolleys etc. during shopping, so you should change the mask and if it is a cloth mask, wash it immediately and use it.

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