Alarming Situation for the heads of government schools

Alarming Situation for the heads of government schools

Heads of Government School Are in Danger

Error in data of 3650 teachers of government schools in Lahore on school information system, Education Department has released the list of unverified teachers for accuracy of data.

According to the details, the profile of government school teachers could not be corrected on the school information system. The data of 3650 teachers in Lahore could not be verified yet. School Education Department releases list of names of teachers for correcting data to District Lahore.

The profiles of 3,650 teachers are still incorrect. The school education department said that if the profile of the teachers was not corrected, the salaries would be withheld. The school heads would correct the data of the teachers of their respective schools.

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It is to be noted that the data on school information system has not been updated yet due to which hundreds of principals, headmasters, DEOs and deputy DEOs will spend Eid without pay. Thousands of teachers who have been promoted are also awaiting appointment.

Due to non-update of data on school information system, the teachers on disposal will not be able to be appointed before Eid. Due to non-appointment, the salaries of teachers will not be released.

On the other hand, thousands of teachers who were promoted due to non-updating of data are also awaiting appointment. The education department has directed the school heads to update the data on the school information system by May 31. All the teachers on disposal are in grades seventeen, eighteen, nineteen and grade twenty.

According to the Education Department, the website of the school information system cannot be updated before July. Punjab Association of Subject Specialists President Rana Ata Mohammad has said that due to non-appointment before June 1, teachers will not be able to get annual increment. A separate school information system should be set up for teachers from grade 17 to 20. If senior teachers have not been appointed before, they will protest.

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