Beginner’s Tips for You Tubers, How to Monetize YouTube Channel quickly

This post covers beginner’s tips for You Tubers and how to Monetize YouTube Channel quickly according to your wish. Its a dream for You Tubers to monetize YouTube Channel as fast as they can do. We tried to cover all the basic and advance tips & tricks regarding You Tubers beginner’s tips. To monetize a YouTube Channel is not a big task to complete. This article will share multiple tips for YouTube beginner’s or running already a YouTube Channel to monetize it.

Beginner’s Tips for You Tubers, How to Monetize YouTube Channel quickly
Beginner’s Tips & Trick to Monetize their YouTube Channel

Do you want to know something technical about YouTube? How it works and how can you generate more and more money by monetizing your YouTube Channel? So here comes a beginner guide for you.

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This article is all about monetizing tips and content which can upgrade your watch time and start making revenue. These are called four golden rules for generating money on YouTube, and they are:

Sr. #Things to do for monetization of YouTube Channel
1You must have 1,000 subscribers on your YouTube channel
2Your videos have produced 4,000 Watch Time hours throughout the year.
3You have to obey all of YouTube’s policies and guidelines.
4You must have an AdSense account.

Monetize YouTube Channel # 1 YPP … The YouTube Partner Program Requirements

Usually known as the YouTube Partner Program, or YPP, you must have fulfilled all four requirements before your channel will be recognized.

First of all, you must reach 1000 subscribers. It’s pretty clear that you have to do this either it takes two months or twelve to touch the target of 1000 subscribers. Once you hit the target, you will reach YPP.

YPP … The YouTube Partner Program Requirements
Minimum Requirements of Partner Program for Monetization YouTube Channel

Secondly, you also need 4,000 hours of Watch Time on your videos over the last 12 months. It is a little bit difficult to understand and lots of people have confusion over it. Watch time means we must have 4,000 hours, seen by the people all over the world in a year by the date of launching your channel till over the year. It’s not about the content uploaded by the You Tuber, it’s only about the watching time of your video which has seen by the people on the given date (12 months) of your video upload. That will count for YouTube Partner Program requirements.

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Another important thing is that you must not remove your video from your channel if you will delete any video the watch time hours also have been deleted. Remember that your Live Stream videos and unlisted videos are also part of the watch time hours, so be careful while deleting any video. And one more important tip is that, if you are already in the YouTube Partner Program, and you could not touch the requirement of 4000 watch time, YouTube won’t automatically remove you from the partner program, but they can do it at their option.

If you want to check the growth of the above requirements, you can do so by clicking on your logo in the top right-hand corner of most YouTube pages and then clicking on YouTube Studio Beta. You can watch all of your statistics here, but to rapidly check development on monetization, drift your mouse over “Other features”, and then click on “Status and Features”. On this display, you should see a monetization box, and if you click “Learn more”, it will tell you accurately where you currently stand with subscribers and Watch Time hours.

Monetize YouTube Channel #2 Must-Follow some YouTube Directions for Monetization

It is necessary to follow some rules of this guide book as well. Stick it with the rules and you must reach the requirements of YPP.

When you apply for the YouTube Partner Program, you’ll go over a standard analysis process to see whether your channel meets YouTube’s terms and conditions. The channels which meet the policy of YouTube will be accepted into the database.

Must-Follow some YouTube Directions for Monetization
How to Enable Monetization on YouTube?

YouTube is very active to have a check and balance on the creator, content, and watch time as well. I suggest you all that you must meet the criteria of YouTube and its policies. You must have familiar with the terms and conditions of YouTube. It makes a balance between the creator, viewers, and advertiser. I highly recommended being aware of all these policies if you want to monetize your channel quickly. But, if you are in a TLDR mood, to précis, apply common sense. If you feel that a video might be unsuitable, doubts are there, and you make such content at your own risk.

Monetize YouTube Channel # 3 Monetization and Copyright Policies on YouTube

It is illegal to use the work of others. There is worldwide law of copyright and I highly recommended you to know about it. It is a huge topic to discuss the terms and policies of YouTube. If you are using the content or material of someone else without his permission then you are spoiling the policies of YouTube and you could not reach the requirements of YPP. YouTube will demonetize you.

It is far better to use your material, content, your voice, and original commentary but if you are adding someone’s material then you must make it reshape from original to make a change in it. This does not give you a license to use other people’s content in your videos all the time, because if you do, YouTube may use this as a dispute not to monetize your channel.

Monetization and Copyright Policies on YouTube
YouTube New Monetization Polices to Earn Money Through Channel

YouTube approves that if all or most of your channel is devoted to reprocessed content, and you’re not converting the original work by adding your distinctive value, then your channel is not authorized for the YouTube Partner Program. The essence of this policy is to make sure that YouTube is monetizing different and original content into the YouTube Partner Program, and that YouTube is defensive and gratifying the creators who work hard on original content.

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Definitely, reprocessed, identical content, and copyright content is a wide gray area on YouTube, and they don’t always get it right. And you may look at some channels on YouTube and see that they’re clearly displaying these rules. Well, you don’t know what their isolated circumstances are, they may have the approval to use that content, or they may get trapped in the future, and you don’t want to follow these patterns of channels that are doing this. Do something your own, don’t use the short cuts, it’s not a road to success.

Ultimately YouTube is the caretaker. They hold all of the keys. You are on the hired ground, and if you practice these rules, and break them, then don’t be surprised when YouTube comes after you.

Monetize YouTube Channel # 4 Connecting Google AdSense Account with a YouTube Channel for Monetization

We already share above related to meet the minimum requirements you need to monetize a YouTube Channel. Let’s remind the things you need to for monetization of a YouTube Channel:

Sr. #How Your YouTube Channel can be Monetized
11,000 subscribers
24,000 Watch Time hours counts for last 12 months.
3Follower of YouTube’s policies and guidelines.
4Create an AdSense account.
How to Link Google Adence Account to YouTube Channel
How to Link Google Adence Account to YouTube Channel

AdSense account is mandatory if you are going to earn money from YouTube. It’s the way to pay through which YouTube pays you properly. It is important to tell you that if you have already an AdSense account you can connect it with it but if you have multiple accounts you can connect with one AdSense account and if you haven’t got an AdSense account, you can set one up during the YouTube Partner Program application process.

Monetize YouTube Channel # 5 Sign up to the YouTube Partner Program

When you’ve applied for the YouTube Partner Program. It could take a month for them to make a choice. That’s because humans will examine your channel so it’s a manual process. Some channels are approved quickly, so it could be quicker.

However, if the approval takes longer than a month, then your channel will be placed in further review. If it does happen, then the wait time can get very long. It could be two, six, and possibly twelve months. In some unlucky cases, YouTube never comes to a decision, leaving the channel owner in monetization indeterminate state.

We appreciate your patience as this can be a very frustrating moment to find yourselves in as a creator, as many of you mentioned about this in the comment section on our videos here, unfortunately, we cannot push the process forward, so our suggestion is to talk to Team YouTube in Twitter, make sure that everybody knows about your issue of monetization. YouTube says that this act will never speed up the process, but a video creator deserves a decision.

Monetize YouTube Channel # 6 Being disqualified from the YouTube Partner Program

Now let’s think that you’ve applied for the YouTube Partner Program, but you are banned. What can you do?

When you are excluded from the YouTube Partner Program, YouTube will give you a reasonable answer to why. Unluckily, they won’t tell you which video or content is causing this, so you may be left clueless adjusting your channel, but still, the good news is that you can reapply again in 30 days.

Once more, you will have to use your common sense. If you think that your videos are against the communal strategies and policies, then they most likely. you need to fix them. If your videos have copyright content in them then those are most likely producing the problem with YouTube also, so you will have to delete them.

Creators have asked when they apply for the partner program, will have a community guideline strike or a copyright strike against my channel prevent me from getting into the program? The answer is probably no, it definitely won’t prevent you, but it is going to have an impact.

There is a devoted support page with guidance on what you should do if you are excluded from the YouTube Partner Program.

When you are in the Partner Program, and you want to take your monetization a phase further by making money from Super Chats, membership, and merchandise, take a look at this video on the matter:

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Beginner’s Tips for You Tubers, How to Monetize YouTube Channel quickly

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