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OSI model and layers

International standard organization (ISO) provide us the model known as Open systems interconnection. This model has seven layers. Each layer has its own properties, functionalities and protocols as pre-defined by the organization. 1) Physical Layer 2) Data Link Layer 3)

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Data and signal (Analogue & Digital)

What is Difference between Data and signal? There is difference between Data and signal & the important points are given below:- # Data Signal 1 The Entities which convey meaning within computer or computer system. These are the electromagnetic or

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OSI Model (History & Explanation)

In early nineteens 19’s, only the devices of same company could connect to each other. The devices of different companies could not be connected to each other (for example Microsoft devices could connect to other Microsoft devices but not with

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What is Network? Difference Between Network and Networking? Explain Types of Networks? How many types of Network Topologies?

Network is the combination of two or more devices (computers, mobiles or laptops) which are connected with one another to share information and data. The most common example of network is THE INTERNET. Network is established by following a certain

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Computer Network – Overview

It is the system of interrelated computers and hardware items or peripherals such as printers is known as computer network. Such connected computer item having computer assists information distribute among them. Computers may attach to each other by both wired

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