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Voiceless Prisoners

In the Era of twenty 1st century, where prosperity of every nation reflects the higher contribution of its women population. The man and woman are definitely like two wheels of the car, for the leaps and bounds progress of the

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Social Welfare in Pakistan

What is Society Before knowing about social work, we may have to know about society, which is defined as under. Society “A voluntary association of individuals for common objects is called society”. According to Cambridge Dictionary “A large group of

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Gender Equality

Gender equality represents the similar rights benefits and responsibilities for both the males and females. As UNICEF says gender equality refers the parity of men and women regarding opportunities rights responsibilities protection and decision making as well. The concept of

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Liberal Thoughts Injection

“Woman is a Flower, not any powerful human or a wrestler” said by Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H). In other words woman is like a flower which needs full time Protection from each and every regard. This Holy Hadith expresses

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Importance of Accountability (For the Development of Pakistan)

Accountability and development are essentials for each other. Development cannot be made without accountability; we can elaborate them with the ship and water. As the ship cannot float without water, the development cannot be achieved without the accountability. Accountability is

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Hybrid Warfare

As we know that in the current era, the wars like previous eras is not possible to fight with the enemy country as all the countries of the world rest in the global chain due to being interdependent. So, in

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