Chemical Engineering Basics MCQs – Competitive Chemical Engineering MCQs

Chemical Engineering Basics MCQs – Competitive Chemical Engineering MCQs

This post is comprising of latest ” Chemical Engineering Basics MCQs – Latest Competitive Chemical Engineering MCQs “. Here you’ll get latest mechanical engineering mcqs for written test, interview with answers. If you want to improve your knowledge regarding mechanical engineering then read these mcqs of Design of Steel Structures.

Latest Chemical Engineering MCQs

By practicing these MCQs of Chemical Engineering Basics MCQs – Latest Competitive Chemical Engineering MCQs , an individual for exams performs better than before. This post comprising of mechanical engineering objective questions and answers related to Chemical Engineering Basics Mcqs “. As wise people believe “Perfect Practice make a Man Perfect”. It is therefore practice these mcqs of mechanical engineering to approach the success. Tab this page to check “Chemical Engineering Basics Mcqs” for the preparation of competitive mcqs, FPSC mcqs, PPSC mcqs, SPSC mcqs, KPPSC mcqs, AJKPSC mcqs, BPSC mcqs, NTS mcqs, PTS mcqs, OTS mcqs, Atomic Energy mcqs, Pak Army mcqs, Pak Navy mcqs, CTS mcqs, ETEA mcqs and others.

Latest Chemical Engineering Basics Mcqs

The most occurred mcqs of Chemical Engineering Basics in past papers. Past papers of Chemical Engineering Basics Mcqs. Past papers of Chemical Engineering Basics Mcqs . Mcqs are the necessary part of any competitive / job related exams. The Mcqs having specific numbers in any written test. It is therefore everyone have to learn / remember the related Chemical Engineering Basics Mcqs. The Important series of Chemical Engineering Basics Mcqs are given below:

Spheroidising of a material is a/an ________________ process?

A. Tempering
B. Annealing
C. Normalising
D. Hardening

Pearlite comprises of__________________?

A. 93.33% ferrite & 6.67% C
B. 87% ferrite & 13% cementite
C. 87% cementite & 13% Fe
D. 87% ferrite & 13% C

Transformer cores are normally made from ______________________?

A. High purity iron
B. Soft ferrites
C. Grain oriented Fe-Si alloy
D. Al-Ni-Co alloy

Non-ferrous alloys used for making cutting tools need not have high__________________?

A. Red hardness
B. Toughness
C. Abrasion resistance
D. Cutting speed

Coating provided on the electrodes used in the arc welding is not expected to_________________?

A. Stabilise the arc
B. Prevent electrode from contamination
C. Add alloying elements
D. Provide protective atmosphere to weld

The type of pump used for lifting large quantity of sewage is a _________________ pump ?

A. Reciprocating
B. Centrifugal
C. Gear
D. Plunger

Thermal conductivity of a material does not depend upon its_____________________?

A. Mass
B. Surface area
C. Volume
D. All A, B & C

The amount of water evaporated in kg per kg of fuel burnt in a boiler is called the ______________ of a boiler ?

A. Evaporative capacity
B. Thermal efficiency
C. Evaporation efficiency
D. Steam load

The excess air required for the combustion of pulverized coal is of the order of about _______________ percent ?

A. 30
B. 15
C. 5
D. 45

Hollow shafts can be made as strong as solid shafts by making the twisting moments of both the shafts same. Shafts made by _____________ have residual stresses ?

A. Hot rolling
B. Cold rolling
C. Forging
D. Casting

Steam condenser tubes are made of admiralty brass, in which percentage of zinc & copper are _______________ respectively ?

A. 70 & 30
B. 50 & 50
C. 30 & 70
D. 90 & 10

Heat release during phase change is observed in case of a/an_________________?

A. Evaporator
B. Condenser
C. Boiler
D. All A. B. & C.

Carbon supply in pack carburising process is in the form of ___________________?

A. Charcoal
B. Hydrocarbon oil
C. Calcium carbide
D. Graphite

Function of gear box is to____________________?

A. Increase the speed
B. Obtain variable speed
C. Reduce the speed
D. Produce high torque

During sensible cooling of air, its wet bulb temperature ?

A. Increases & the dew point decreases
B. Increases but dew point remains constant
C. Decreases but dew point remains constant
D. Decreases & the dew point increases

During sensible heating of humid air__________________?

A. Relative humidity increases
B. Dry bulb & wet bulb temperature increases
C. Dew point remains constant
D. Both B & C

Thermal diffusivity of a substance is proportional to (where, k = Thermal conductivity) ____________________?

A. k2
B. k
C. 1/k
D. 1/k2

_____________ glass is used in the mercury in glass thermometer meant for measuring a temperature of 500°C ?

A. High silica
B. Borosilicate
C. Supermax
D. Lead

Cold working of a material results in increase in hardness, which is termed as the ______________ hardening ?

A. Age
B. Work
C. Cold
D. Induction

Transition from laminar flow to turbulent flow in fluid flow through a pipe does not depend upon the___________________?

A. Length of the pipe
B. Density of the fluid
C. Diameter of the pipe
D. Velocity of the fluid

Softening of hardened steel is done by its____________________?

A. Normalising
B. Annealing
C. Tempering
D. Carburising

Potable water means the water used for____________________?

A. Cooling
B. Fire-fighting
C. Drinking
D. Evaporation to produce steam

Chemical Heat Transfer Mcqs

Which of the following gases cause global warming ?

A. Nitrogen
B. Carbon dioxide
C. Carbon monoxide
D. Ozone

Air/fuel ratio by weight for combustion of methane with theoretical quantity of air will be about ____________________?

A. 23 : 1
B. 17 : 1
C. 9 : 1
D. 29 : 1

Photographic plates are coated with _____________________?

A. Calcium silicate
B. Silver halide
C. Silver nitrate
D. Metallic silver

The approximate height of a blast furnace having a useful volume of 2000 m3 is about _______________ metres ?

A. 35
B. 25
C. 55
D. 75

Probability of cavitation occuring becomes very high, when the local _______________ resulting ?

in water bubbles formation, which on rupture cause cavitation
A. Pressure becomes very high
B. Pressure falls below the vapour pressure
C. Temperature becomes low
D. All A, B & C

In the diving apparatus, helium is used along with oxygen, because it is ____________________?

A. Lighter than nitrogen
B. Not soluble in blood at high pressure
C. Easily available
D. Completely miscible with oxygen

Water hammer is caused in steam carrying pipelines, because of ______________________?

A. Partial condensation of steam
B. High degree of superheat of steam
C. Vibration of the pipeline
D. Its exposure to torrential rain

A fire tube boiler is limited to a maximum steam pressure of about ______________ kg/cm2 ?

A. 38
B. 18
C. 6
D. 52

The underground well of a bio gas plant is called the________________?

A. Oxidation well
B. Septic tank
C. Digestor
D. Lagoon

Hot dipping process is used for coating a low melting point metal (e.g. Pb, Sn, Zn) on iron, steel & copper having relatively higher melting points. Which of the following is not a hot dipping process ?

A. Tinning
B. Galvanising
C. Sherardizing
D. None of these

Lead pencil contains____________________?

A. Graphite
B. Lead
C. Lead sulphide
D. Both B. & C.

Drossing is a _______________________ operation?

A. Dressing
B. Smelting
C. Roasting
D. Dressing

The following thermocouple may be used for measuring temperature upto 1873°K__________________?

A. Copper-constantan
B. Chromel-alumel
C. Platinum-platinum rhodium
D. Iron-constantan

Projection welding & stud welding is categorised as the _______________ welding?

A. Thermit
B. Pressure
C. Resistance
D. Arc

Isotropic materials have the same _______________________ in all directions?

A. Density
B. Induced stresses
C. Elastic properties
D. Thermal properties

Main constituent of bone ash is____________________?

A. Animal charcoal
B. Calcium phosphate
C. Ammonium phosphate
D. Ammonium sulphate

Which of the following mainly decides the current to be employed is arc welding ?

A. Electrode size
B. Voltage across the arc
C. Plate thickness
D. Welded portion length

Half life of a radioactive isotope corresponds to the time required for half of the _______________ to decay ?

A. Atoms
B. Nucleons
C. Neutrons
D. Electrons

Nusselt number is related to the Reynolds number (Re) in turbulent & laminar flow respectively as______________________?

A. Re0.8, Re-0.5
B. Re0.5, Re0.8
C. Re0.8, Re0.5
D. Re-0.8, Re0.5

What is the pH of distilled water ?

A. 1
B. 0
C. 7
D. 14

Diameter of the rivet to be provided on a 20 mm. thick boiler plate will be ______________ mm?

A. 20
B. 10
C. 30
D. 40

Hot extrusion of aluminium is done in the temperature range of ________________ °C ?

A. 450-500
B. 550-600
C. 350-400
D. 250-300

The normal stress is the same in all directions at a point in a fluid, only when the fluid__________________?

A. Is frictionless
B. Is at rest & has zero viscosity
C. Fluid layer has no motion relative to an adjacent layer of fluid
D. is incompressible & frictionless

Which one is neutral in character ?

A. N2O5
B. N2O
C. N2O4
D. N2O3

Out of the following _______________ iron has the best capability to bear sudden & excessive shocks?

A. Cast
B. White
C. Wrought
D. Pig

The mechanism involved in the removal of metal in drilling operation is by_________________?

A. Compression
B. Shearing
C. Extrusion
D. Both B & C

_______________ is a non volatile film forming constituent of a paint ?

A. Dryer
B. Thinner
C. Drying oil
D. None of these

Desalination of water__________________?

A. Makes it potable
B. Means distillation of water
C. Makes it non-potable
D. None of these

_____________________ of austenite decreases the hardenability in steel ?

A. Coarse grains
B. Fine grains
C. Homogeneity
D. Dissolved elements (except cobalt)

Shrinkage allowance on pattern is provided to compensate for shrinkage when the _____________________?

A. Metal changes from liquid state to solid state at freezing temperature
B. Solid phase temperature drops from freezing temperature to the room temperature
C. Liquid metal temperature drops from pouring temperature to freezing temperature
D. Liquid metal temperature drops from pouring temperature to room temperature

Iron content in Indian iron ore is about _________________ percent?

A. 40-45
B. 60-65
C. 80-85
D. 20-25

Chemical Reaction Mcqs

Use of water as a manometric liquid suffers from the disadvantage of its____________________?

A. Corrosive nature
B. Low vapour pressure
C. High vapour pressure
D. High boiling point

The burnout heat flux in the nucleate boiling regime is not a function of the_________________?

A. Temperature difference
B. Vapour density
C. Liquid density
D. Heat of evaporation

Globular form of cementite is formed during the _________________ process ?

A. Annealing
B. Hardening
C. Spheroidising
D. Normalising

Capacity & power requirement for an air compressor working at high altitude compared to sea-level will be_______________?

A. Same
B. Less
C. More
D. Either more or less; depends on the climatic conditions

High relative humidity decreases the evaporative process and as the temperature is increased, the relative humidity decreases. The comfort range for human body is the ambient temperature of 22 to 27°C with relative humidity ranging from _______________ percent ?

A. 15 to 25
B. 5 to 10
C. 45 to 50
D. 75 to 80

For a first order chemical reaction, the concentration of the reactant decreases __________________ with time?

A. Linearly
B. Logarithmically
C. Exponentially
D. Inversely

The trace metal present in insulin is____________________?

A. Fe
B. Zn
C. Cu
D. Ni

The delivery pressure of boiler feed water pump compared to the boiler steam pressure is___________________?

A. Slightly less
B. Same
C. Slightly more
D. Much more

As per international norms, the maximum permissible value of noise level in the industrial environment is _____________ decibels as measured at a distance of 1.5 meters from the source of noise?

A. 60
B. 85
C. 110
D. 45

Normalising of an object does not________________________?

A. Refine coarse grain structure obtained during hot working
B. Improve ductility
C. Improve mechanical properties
D. Improve yield strength

If Reynolds number is greater than 1, then the_____________________?

A. Inertia force is larger than the surface tension force
B. Inertia force is larger than the viscous force
C. Viscous force is larger than the inertia force
D. Inertia force is larger than the gravitational force

Fine grained steels have____________________?

A. Higher tendency to distort
B. High brittleness
C. High ductility
D. None of these

Consideration of the creep is the most important in case of the_____________________?

A. Blades of gas turbine
B. Flywheel of steam engine
C. Piston of an I. C. engine
D. Cycle chain

Which of the following performance characteristics of a S.I engine is not affected by the front end volatility of the petrol used ?

A. Hot starting
B. Vapour locking
C. Spark plug fouling
D. All A, B & C

When the wet steam is throttled but still remains wet at the exit of the throttle valve, then its temperature & dryness fraction respectively____________________?

A. Decreases & increases
B. Increases & decreases
C. Increases & increases
D. Decreases & decreases

A 2 kg object weighs 1.8 kgf on a spring balance. The value of ‘g’ at that location in m/sec2 is___________________?

A. 8.82
B. 10.88
C. 9.81
D. 0.95

The product of a commercial direct reduction process is___________________?

A. Solid iron
B. Liquid iron
C. Sponge iron
D. Iron saturated with carbon

Preheating before welding is done to____________________?

A. Avoid plate distortion
B. Burn oil & grease sticking to plate surfaces
C. Make the plate softer
D. Prevent cold cracks

Most important property of steels for use in automobile bodies is the___________________?

A. Formability
B. Toughness
C. Yield strength
D. Resilience

Which of the following are considered applications of ultrasonic testing ?

A. Measurement of material thickness
B. Detection of defects in metal
C. Determination of elastic constant
D. None of the above

Temperature attained in soldering of metals is about ________________ °C?

A. 150-300
B. 650-800
C. 400-500
D. 1000-1100

Strain hardening effect in a metal subjected to cold working is due to the ______________ mechanism?

A. Dislocation
B. Fracture
C. Slip
D. Twinning

Which of the following metals is not subjected to electrolytic refining/purification ?

A. Zinc
B. Copper
C. Tin
D. Aluminium

Chemical Engineering Basics Mcqs

Large scale fire on fuel gas line is normally extinguished by________________?

A. Steam
B. Water
C. Foam
D. Nitrogen

Starting friction is low in case of the ____________________ lubrication?

A. Hydrodynamic
B. Boundary
C. Hydrostatic
D. Mixed/semi-fluid

Density in the solid state is slightly less than that in its liquid state, in case of____________________?

A. Mercury
B. Water
C. Carbon dioxide
D. None of these

Most of the phosphorous present in the blast furnace burden enters into___________________?

A. Hot metal
B. Slag
C. Flue gases
D. Refractory lining

The amount of different substances produced, when the same quantity of electricity is passed through different solutions are proportional to their__________________?

A. Equivalent weight
B. Molecular weight
C. (Equivalent weight)2
D. (Molecular weight)2

_________________ furnace is generally used in the non-ferrous foundries ?

A. Resistance
B. Indirect arc
C. Direct arc
D. Induction

Volumetric composition of flue gas analysed with the Orsat apparatus is : CO2 = 12%, O2 = 8%, CO = nil, N2 = 80%. This flue gas composition indicates that_________________?

A. Nitrogen percentage in the fuel is very high
B. Pure oxygen has been used for combustion
C. Excess air has been used for combustion
D. Hydrogen is not present in the fuel

In a good rimming steel_________________________?

A. Carbon and silicon should be low
B. Silicon should be high but carbon should be low
C. Both silicon & carbon should be high
D. Silicon should be low but carbon should be high

Out of the following the refractive index is the highest for____________________?

A. Brine
B. Diamond
C. Glass
D. Kerosene

Which of the following if present in iron ore, enhances its value ?

A. Alkali oxide
B. Alumina
C. Lime & Magnesia
D. None of these

With increase in temperature, the electrical conductivity of a _________________ decreases ?

A. Semi-conductor
B. Dielectric
C. Metal or alloy
D. None of these

The order of a chemical reaction____________________?

A. Cannot be zero
B. Can be determined from the stoichiometry of the reaction
C. Can be determined only experimentally
D. Can be fractional

Load cells used for the measurement of weight has______________?

A. No moving parts and incurs negligible deflection under load
B. Compact & rugged construction with an accuracy of 0.1 to 1%
C. Provision of thermal compensation and is hermetically sealed
D. All A, B & C

Viscoelastic behaviour is observed in _______________________ materials?

A. Non-crystalline organic polymeric
B. All crystalline
C. Ceramic
D. All amorphous

For an ideal gas, Cp – Cv is____________________?

A. R
B. 0
C. -R
D. (3/2) R

Which of the following materials has the poorest electrical conductivity ?

A. Carbon
B. Silver
C. Aluminium
D. Stainless steel

Highest cutting speed is achieved by the _______________ tool material ?

A. Cast alloy
B. Carbide
C. High speed steel
D. Plain carbon steel

All the atoms of the world comprise of electrons, proton & neutron except that of ______________ atom in which neutron is absent ?

A. Neon
B. Hydrogen
C. Deuterium
D. Helium

Magnesium is present in___________________?

A. Hypo solution
B. Chlorophyll
C. Haemoglobin
D. None of these

Steel & cast iron pipes are produced by ______________ casting ?

A. Die
B. Slush
C. Investment
D. True centrifugal

Routing in production, planning & control is concerned with the___________________?

A. Sequence of operation to be performed
B. Balancing of load on machines
C. Authorisation of work to be performed
D. Progress of work performed

Earing is a defect found in steels after the following metal working operation ?

A. Rolling
B. Extrusion
C. Deep drawing
D. Wire drawing

A fluid is termed as the Newtonian fluid, when the shear stress is _________________ the velocity gradient ?

A. Inversely proportional to
B. Independent of
C. Directly proportional to
D. None of these

_______________ rubber is generally used for making ‘O’ rings used for vacuum sealings?

A. Butadiene
B. Neoprene
C. Natural
D. Nitrile

Chemical Engineering Basics MCQs – Competitive Chemical Engineering MCQs

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