Civil Engineering MCQs – Waste Water Engineering MCQs Latest

Waste Water Engineering MCQs – Design Of Steel Structures MCQs Latest

This post is comprising of latest “Civil Engineering MCQs – Waste Water Engineering MCQs“. Here you’ll get latest civil engineering mcqs for written test, interview with answers. If you want to improve your knowledge regarding civil engineering then read these mcqs of Design of Steel Structures.

Latest Civil Engineering MCQs

By practicing these MCQs of Civil Engineering MCQs – Waste Water Engineering Mcqs, an individual for exams performs better than before. This post comprising of civil engineering objective questions and answers related to Waste Water Engineering Mcqs“. As wise people believe “Perfect Practice make a Man Perfect”. It is therefore practice these mcqs of civil engineering to approach the success. Tab this page to check “Latest Waste Water Engineering Mcqs” for the preparation of competitive mcqs, FPSC mcqs, PPSC mcqs, SPSC mcqs, KPPSC mcqs, AJKPSC mcqs, BPSC mcqs, NTS mcqs, PTS mcqs, OTS mcqs, Atomic Energy mcqs, Pak Army mcqs, Pak Navy mcqs, CTS mcqs, ETEA mcqs and others.

Latest Waste Water Engineering Mcqs

The most occurred mcqs of Waste Water Engineering in past papers. Past papers of Waste Water Engineering Mcqs. Past papers of Waste Water Engineering Mcqs . Mcqs are the necessary part of any competitive / job related exams. The Design Of Steel Structures Mcqs having specific numbers in any written test. It is therefore everyone have to learn / remember the related Waste Water Engineering Mcqs. The Important series of Waste Water Engineering Mcqs are given below:

The asbestos cement sewers are_________________?

A. Susceptible to corrosion by sulphuric acid
B. Not structurally strong to bear large compressive stress
C. Light in weight
D. All the above

Bottom openings 15 cm × 15 cm in the standing baffle wall are provided________________?

A. 30 cm c/c
B. 22.5 cm c/c
C. 15 cm c/c
D. 50 cm c/c

For drainage pipes in buildings the test applied before putting them to use, is__________________?

A. Straightness test
B. Smoke test
C. Water test
D. All the above

For a continuous flow type of sedimentation tanks__________________?

A. Length of the tank is normally kept 4 to 5 times the width
B. Width of the tank is normally kept about 6 m
C. Maximum horizontal flow velocity is limited to 0.3 m/minute
D. All the above

For efficient working of a sewer, it must be ensured that _____________?

A. A maximum velocity of 0.90 m/sec, is maintained at its maximum flow
B. Minimum velocity of 0.45 m/sec, is maintained at its minimum flow
C. Both A. and B.
D. Neither A. nor B.

The pressure exerted by_____________?

A. The internal pressure if any, causes tensile stress in the pipe material
B. The sewage when running full from inside, is called internal pressure
C. Pressure sewers are designed to be safe in tension
D. All the above

No treatment of the sewage is given if dilution factor is_____________?

A. Between 150 to 200
B. Less than 150
C. Between 200 to 300
D. More than 500

Acid regression stage of sludge digestion at a temperature 21°C extends over a period of______________?

A. 30 days
B. 15 days
C. 60 days
D. 90 days

Pick up the correct statement from the following ?

A. The minimum design velocity of sewer pipes is taken as 0.8 m/sec
B. The sewer pipes of sizes greater than 0.4 m diameter are designed as running 2/3rd or 3/4th full at maximum discharge
C. The sewer pipes of sizes less than 0.4 m diameter are designed as running full at maximum discharge
D. All the above

Which of the following pumps in used to pump sewage solids with liquid sewage without clogging the pump is ?

A. Centrifugal pump
B. Reciprocating pump
C. Pneumatic ejector
D. None of these

The coagulant which is generally not used for treating the sewage, is__________________?

A. Alum
B. Ferric sulphate
C. Ferric chloride
D. Chlorinated copperas

If the flame of a miner’s safety lamp in the upper layers of the sewer forms an explosive, the sewer certainly contains_______________?

A. Carbon dioxide
B. Hydrogen sulphide
C. Methane
D. Oxygen

The Chezy’s constant C in the formula V = C_________________?

A. Shape of the sewer
B. Size of the sewer
C. Roughness of sewer surface
D. All the above

Hydraulics And Fluid Mechanics Mcqs Latest

For the open drain (N = 0.025) shown in the below figure, the discharge is________________?

A. 27.88 cumecs
B. 26.88 cumecs
C. 28.88 cumecs
D. 29.88 cumecs

Assertion A.: The determination of pH value of sewerage is important. Reason (R): The efficiency of certain treatment methods depends upon the availability of pH value________________?

A. Both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A
B. Both A and R are true but R is not a correct explanation of A
C. A is false but R is true
D. A is true but R is false

The drainage area of a town is 12 hectares. Its 40% area is hard pavement ( K = 0.85), the 40% area is unpaved streets (K = 0.20) and the remaining is wooded areas (K = 0.15). Assuming the time of concentration for the areas as 30 minutes and using the formula Ps = 900/(t + 60) the maximum run off is__________________?

A. 0.12 cumec
B. 0.10 cumec
C. 0.15 cumec
D. 0.20 cumec

The rational formula for peak drainage discharge, was evolved by_________________?

A. Lloyd David
B. Fruhling
C. Kuichling
D. All of these

Dry weather flow is__________________?

A. Average monthly rate of flow
B. Average daily rate of flow
C. Average annual rate of flow
D. Water supply allowance per capita

¾th or ¼th extra space is left in sewer pipes at maximum discharge for_________________?

A. Low estimates of the average and maximum flows
B. Unexpected increase in population
C. Large scale infiltration of storm water
D. All the above

Aerobic bacterias___________________?

A. Consume organic matter as their food
B. Flourish in the presence of free oxygen
C. Oxidise organic matter in sewage
D. All the above


A. Are water seals which prevent the entry of foul gases
B. Dissolve the foul gases
C. Are used to trap the rats entering sewers
D. Create symphonic action to increase the quick disposal of sewerage

Hydraulic mean radius is_______________?

A. Difference in heads between two points in circular pipes
B. Mean radius of sewer
C. Mean of radii in a pipe line of varying cross -sections
D. Cross-sectional area/wetted perimeter

The sewer which received discharge from two or more main sewers, is known as_______________?

A. A trunk sewer
B. A main sewer
C. An outfall sewer
D. An intercepting sewer

For treating the sewage of a large city, you will recommend_________________?

A. A sedimentation tank and an activated sludge treatment plant
B. Sedimentation tanks with high rate trickling filters
C. A plant consisting of tanks with low rate trickling filters
D. None of these

1000 kg of sewage contains________________?

A. 0.225 kg in solution
B. 0.112 kg in solution
C. 0.112 kg in suspension
D. Both A. and C. of above

R.M.O. expenses include___________________?

A. Maintenance expenses
B. Running expenses
C. Operation expenses
D. All the above

The sludge does not contain waste water from_________________?

A. Wash basins
B. Bath rooms
C. Kitchen sinks
D. Toilets

Pick up the correct statement from the following?

A. Hydrogen sulphide gas in excess, may cause corrosion of concrete sewers
B. Solubility of oxygen in sewage is 95% of that of distilled water
C. 4 ppm of Dissolved Oxygen (D.O.) is ensured before discharging the treated sewage in river
D. All the above

The rainfall at any place may be determined by__________________?

A. Its direction
B. Its intensity
C. Its frequency
D. All the above

Pick up the correct statement from the following ?

A. Thermophilic organisms digest the sludge if the temperature ranges from 40° to 60°C
B. Rate of digestion of sludge is more at higher temperature
C. Mesophilic organisms digest the sludge if the temperature is between 25° and 40°C
D. All the above

The sewer which resists sulphide corrosion, is____________________?

A. Cast iron sewer
B. Brick sewer
C. R.C.C. sewer
D. Lead sewer

The formula which accepts the value of rugosity coefficient n = 0.012 to be used in Manning’s formula, is given by______________________?

A. Kutter
B. Crimp and Bruges
C. William-Hazen
D. Bazin

Skimming tanks are__________________?

A. Used to remove the grease and oil
B. Tanks provided with self- cleansing screens
C. Those from which sludge is skimmed out
D. Improved version of grit chambers

If the peak discharge of a storm water drain (S.W. Drain) is expected to exceed 150 cumecs, the free board to be provided, is_________________?

A. 100 cm
B. 80 cm
C. 90 cm
D. 50 cm

The detention period for plain sedimentation water tanks, is usually____________________?

A. 4 to 8 hours
B. 16 to 24 hours
C. 8 to 16 hours
D. 24 to 36 hours

Hume steel pipes are__________________?

A. Steel pipes
B. Steel shell coated from outside with cement mortar
C. Steel shell coated from inside with cement mortar
D. Both B. and C.

If the length of overland flow from the critical point to the mouth of drain is 13.58 km and difference in level between the critical point and drain mouth is 10 m, the inlet time is___________________?

A. 4 hours
B. 2 hours
C. 6 hours
D. 8 hours

In a trickling filter_________________?

A. Filtration process is used
B. Biological action is used
C. Neither of the above
D. Both of the above

The rate of accumulation of sludge in septic tanks is recommended as____________________?

A. 30 litres/person/year
B. 30 litres/person/month
C. 25 litres/person/year
D. 25 litres/person/month

Theory Of Structures Mcqs Latest – Civil Engineering Mcqs

15 cumecs, the depth d and width are related by For drains up to___________________?

A. B = 0.2 d
B. d = 0.5 B
C. d = 0.2 B
D. B = 0.5 d

Self-cleansing velocity is__________________?

A. Velocity of water at flushing
B. Velocity at dry weather flow
C. Velocity at which no accumulation remains in the drains
D. Velocity of water in a pressure filter

If a 2% solution of sewage sample is incubated for 5 days at 20°C and the dissolved oxygen depletion was found to be 8 mg/l. The BOD of the sewage is_________________?

A. 200 mg/l
B. 100 mg/l
C. 300 mg/l
D. 400 mg/l

A well oxidized sewage contains nitrogen mainly as___________________?

A. Nitrates
B. Free ammonia
C. Nitrites
D. None of these

In a sludge tank, the gas mainly produced, is_________________?

A. Nitrogen
B. Oxygen
C. Hydrogen
D. Carbon dioxide

are available in size Stoneware sewers________________?

A. 15 cm
B. 10 cm
C. 20 cm
D. All the above

In normal conditions, the period for sludge digestion, is_______________?

A. 20 days
B. 10 days
C. 30 days
D. 60 days

In trickling filter, B.O.D. is reduced to___________________?

A. 40 to 60%
B. 30 to 40%
C. 60 to 80%
D. 80 to 90%

The grit chambers of sewage treatment plants, are generally cleaned after__________________?

A. 7 days
B. 2 days
C. 12 days
D. 14 days

Maximum permissible velocity 1.5 m/sec, is adopted in drains_______________________?

A. Lined with stones
B. With beds of rocks and gravels
C. Both A. and B.
D. Neither A. nor B.

If the discharge of a sewer running half is 628 1.p.s., i = 0.001, and n = 0.010, the diameter of the sewer, is__________________?

A. 1.49 m
B. 1.39 m
C. 1.59 m
D. 1.69 m

Running partially full with central angle , For a circular sewer of diameter__________________?

A. a/A
B. d/D = ½ (1 – –
C. r/R = [1 –
D. All the above

In the activated sludge process__________________?

A. Sludge is activated by constant stirring
B. Aeration is done with an admixture of previously aerated sludge
C. Aeration is continued till stability
D. Water is removed by centrifugal action

The settling velocity of a spherical particle of diameter less than 0.1 mm as per Stock’s law, is__________________?

A. Vs = 218 (Gs – Gw)d² [(3T + 70)/100]
B. Vs = 418 (Gs – Gw)d² [(3T + 70)/100]
C. Vs = 418 (Gs – Gw) d [(3T + 70)/100]
D. Vs = 218 (Gs – Gw)d [(3T + 70)/100]

Inter-distance between ventilation columns in a sewer line is kept__________________?

A. 50 m to 100 m
B. 25 to 50 m
C. 100 m to 150 m
D. 150 m to 300 m

The intensity of rain is expressed in________________?

A. cm/day
B. cm/hour
C. cm/minute
D. None of these

Which one of the following part of human body withstands minimum radiation ?

A. Kidneys
B. Thyroid
C. Eyes
D. Ovaries/testis

The bottom of the sewage inlet chamber of septic tanks, is provided an outward slope_________________?

A. 1 in 15
B. 1 in 10
C. 1 in 5
D. 1 in 20

Primary treatment of sewage consists of removal of__________________?

A. Large suspended organic solids
B. Sand and girt
C. Oil and grease
D. Floating materials

Cement concrete sewers are only suitable if non-scouring velocity is between_________________?

A. 2.5 to 3.0 m/sec
B. 3.5 to 4.5 m/sec
C. 3.0 to 4.0 m/sec
D. 4.5 to 5.5 m/sec

The most widely used pump for lifting sewage is_________________?

A. Centrifugal pump
B. Pneumatic ejector
C. Reciprocating pump
D. Air pressure pump

Pick up the correct statement from the following ?

A. Maximum daily flow = average daily flow
B. Maximum daily flow = 2 times the average daily flow
C. Sewers are designed for minimum permissible velocity at minimum flow
D. All the above

Setting out the alignments of sewers may start from__________________?

A. Out-fall
B. City
C. Tail end
D. Any point

MCQs of Civil Engineering Latest

Lead acetate test in sewer manhole is done to test the presence of ____________________?

A. Carbondioxide gas
B. Hydrogen sulphide
C. Methane gas
D. Diesel vapours

Pick up the correct statement from the following ?

A. Medium sewers are cleaned by cane rodding
B. Small sewers are cleaned by flushing
C. Medium sewers may be cleaned by pills
D. All the above

In a grit chamber of a sewage treatment plant ____________________?

A. Depth of 0.9 m to 1.20 m is kept
B. Flow velocity 0.15 m to 0.3 m/sec is kept
C. One minute of detention period is kept
D. All the above

The ratio of maximum sewage flow to average sewage flow for mains up to 1 m in diameter, is___________________?

A. 3.0
B. 2.0
C. 1.5
D. 4.0

The arrangement made for passing the sewer line below an obstruction below the hydraulic gradient lines called ____________________?

A. Depressed sewer
B. Inverted syphon
C. Sag pipe
D. all of these

Chlorination of water is done for the removal of____________________?

A. Bacterias
B. Sediments
C. Suspended solids
D. Hardness

Sludge banks are formed if sewage is disposed of in____________________ ?

A. Lakes
B. Seas
C. Rivers
D. None of these

The temperature affects the________________?

A. Biological activity of bacteria in sewage
B. Viscosity of sewage
C. Solubility of gases in sewage
D. All the above

Pick up the correct statement from the following?

A. The water supply pipes carry pure water free from solid particles
B. The sewer pipes are generally laid along level hills
C. The sewers may be carried up and down the hills and valleys
D. The water supply pipes get clogged if flow velocity is less than self cleansing velocity

The density of population over 40 hectares is 250/hectare. If water supply demand per day is 200 litres and sewage discharge is 80% of water supply, the sewage flow in sewers of separate system, is_____________________?

A. 0.05554 cumec
B. 0.05552 cumec
C. 0.05556 cumec
D. 0.0556 cumec

The sewer pipes__________________?

A. Are designed for generating self-cleansing velocities at different discharge
B. Carry sewage as gravity conduits
C. Should resist the wear and tear caused due to abrasion
D. All the above

The spacing of bars for perforations in coarse screens used for the treatment of sewage, is ____________________?

A. 30 mm
B. 20 mm
C. 40 mm
D. 50 mm

Pick up the correct statement from the following?

A. The maximum rate of storm runoff is called peak drainage discharge
B. The period after which the entire area starts contributing to the runoff, is called the time of concentration
C. Rational method of estimating peak run off, may be used precisely for areas less than 50 hectares
D. All the above

The pH value of fresh sewage is usually ______________________?

A. Less than 7
B. More than 7
C. Equal to 7
D. Equal to zero

If the depletion of oxygen is found to be 5 ppm after incubating a 2.5% solution of sewage sample for 5 days at 21°C, B.O.D. of the sewage is_____________________?

A. 100 ppm
B. 50 ppm
C. 150 ppm
D. 200 ppm

Lead caulked joints are used for laying____________________?

A. C.I. pipes
B. Earthenware pipes
C. Stone ware pipes
D. G.I. pipes

Pick up the correct statement from the following?

A. Only very fresh sewage contains some dissolved oxygen
B. In treated sewage, 4 ppm of D.O. is essential
C. The solubility of oxygen in sewage is 95% that is in distilled water
D. All the above

The spacing of man holes along a straight portion of a sewer is 300 m, the diameter of the sewer may be__________________?

A. 1.2 m
B. 0.9 cm
C. 1.5 m
D. > 1.5 m

A five day B.O.D. at 15°C of the sewage of a town is 100 kg/day. If the 5 day B.O.D. per head at 15°C for standard sewage is 0.1 kg/day, the population equivalent is____________________?

A. 1000
B. 100
C. 5000
D. 10000

Pick up the correct statement from the following ?

A. The smaller the sewer in size, less will be velocity
B. The larger the sewer in size, more will be velocity
C. The larger the sewer in size, no deposition will take place
D. The larger the sewer in size, deposition will take place

The quantity of liquid waste which flows in sewers during the period of rainfall, is known__________________?

A. Industrial waste
B. Sanitary sewage
C. Storm sewage
D. None of these

Depletion of ozone layer in the outer atmosphere may cause___________________ ?

A. Bronchitis
B. Skin cancer
C. Lung cancer
D. Heart disorder

A cylindrical ejector having its height 2 m fills after every 10 minutes with a peak sewage discharge of 0.0157 cumec. The diameter of the ejector chamber, is_____________________?

A. 2.40 m
B. 2.30 m
C. 2.45 m
D. 2.50 m

Strength of Materials MCQs – Civil Engineering

Which one of the following gases is most significant as air pollutant ?

A. Oxygen
B. Carbon dioxide
C. Nitrogen
D. Sulphur-dioxide

For sewers, inverted siphon is provided for___________________?

A. Two pipes
B. One pipe
C. Three pipes
D. Four pipes

Pick up the incorrect statement from the following ?

A. Septic tanks are horizontal continuous flow type of sedimentation tanks
B. Septic tanks are completely covered and high vent shafts are provided for the escape of foul gases
C. Septic tanks are generally provided a detention period of 12 to 36 hours
D. None of these

For large sewers, maximum distance between manholes may be_______________?

A. 100 m
B. 50 m
C. 200 m
D. 300 m

The value of Chezy’s constant C = 157.6/(1.81 + K/ ) is used in__________________?

A. Kutter’s formula
B. Bazin’s formula
C. Chezy’s formula
D. Manning’s formula

Pathogens (or pathogenic bacterias) in water may cause___________________?

A. Cholera
B. Typhoid
C. Dysentery
D. All the above

The screens are fixed___________________?

A. Parallel to the direction of flow
B. Perpendicular to the direction of flow
C. At an angle 30° to 60° to the direction of flow
D. None of these

In detritus tanks______________________?

A. Detention period is kept 3 to 4 minutes
B. Flow velocity is kept 0.09 m/sec
C. Organic and inorganic materials are separated
D. All the above

If the side of a square sewer is 1000 mm, the diameter of a hydraulically equivalent circular section, is___________________?

A. 1065 mm
B. 1045 mm
C. 1075 mm
D. 1095 mm

A nuisance is experienced in diluting water if dilution factor is less than_________________?

A. 60
B. 100
C. 40
D. 20

A manhole is generally provided at each__________________?

A. Junction
B. Bend
C. Change of gradient
D. All the above

The design period in years for pumping plants, is___________________?

A. 2 to 3
B. 1
C. 3 to 5
D. 5 to 10

The disintegrating pump in which solid matter is broken up before passing out, is__________________?

A. Centrifugal pump
B. Pneumatic ejector
C. Reciprocating pump
D. None of these

Design period of 40 to 50 years is adopted for_________________?

A. Main sewers
B. Branch sewers
C. Trunk sewers
D. All the above

In very first stage of decomposition of the organic matter in sewage________________?

A. Nitrates are formed
B. Nitrites are formed
C. Carbon dioxide is formed
D. Ammonia is formed

Civil Engineering MCQs – Waste Water Engineering Latest

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