Consideration to open shrines in Punjab after bazaar and public transport

Consideration to open shrines in Punjab after bazaar and public transport

Tombs and Shrine Will be opening Soon

After the opening of business centers and transport, the Punjab Endowment Organization has asked the government to take precautionary measures to reopen the shrines which have been closed for two months.

Due to the Corona virus, shrines run by the endowment organization are closed across Punjab, while gatherings in mosques are banned. The closure of the shrine has resulted in a loss of over Rs. 26 crore to the endowment. Now that the Punjab government has allowed the opening of various businesses and transport, significant progress has been made in the case of shrines closed due to the corona virus.

The endowment organization has decided to seek permission from the Punjab government to open the shrines. In this regard, permission will be sought from the Home Department. The shrines will be opened after the Punjab government receives SOPs. Disinfection tunnels have been installed at the shrines, while precautionary measures are being taken against those who come for prayers.

Due to the closure of shrines, ordinary citizens are not allowed to attend, while gatherings in endowment-run mosques are banned. The government has also allowed gatherings for Jumu’ah al-Wada ‘and Namaz-e-Eid-ul-Fitr. Security measures will be taken in this regard. We will try to hold these gatherings in the courtyard and ground instead of inside the mosques.

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