Corona: Strict laws enforced in Saudi Arabia, foreigners will be deported for violating

Riyadh: The Saudi government has imposed strict laws to prevent the corona virus.

According to the Arab News Agency, the Saudi Interior Ministry has issued strict guidelines for keeping social distance, including banning gatherings, gatherings outside malls and shops.

The Saudi Interior Ministry says foreign nationals in Saudi Arabia will be deported if they break the law and will never be allowed to enter the country even after serving their sentences.

An Interior Ministry spokesman stressed the importance of measures taken for social distance, saying the country has banned more than five people from gathering in one place during Corona.

The Interior Ministry says that if there are more people in the shop than the prescribed number, the shopkeeper will be fined 5,000 Saudi riyals, while in the second case, the fine will be doubled and in the third case, the fine will be tripled.

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According to the Saudi Interior Ministry, if the SOPs are violated by the private sector, it will be closed for three months, while in the second case, it will be closed for six months.

A spokesman for the Interior Ministry said that if a person attended a public gathering or held a public gathering, it would be considered a violation of the law, for which he would be fined.

According to the Saudi Ministry of Health, the total number of corona cases in the country is more than 62,500 and more than 300 people have died.

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