Corona vaccine trial in Oxford fails, US company claims success

The trial of the coronavirus vaccine at Oxford University has failed, while the American company Moderina has claimed to have developed an experimental vaccine.

The trial of the corona vaccine at Oxford University has failed. The vaccine was given to six monkeys on an experimental basis, but the corona virus was found in the same amount as in the three monkeys who did not receive the vaccine.

On the other hand, there have been claims of failure in the UK against Corona but success in the US.

Moderna, a US company working with the US National Institutes of Health to develop the corona vaccine, says its experimental vaccine, MRNA 1273, produces antibodies that can kill corona virus in patients.

According to the NIH, preliminary results show that the antibodies produced by the vaccine are similar to those of patients who have recovered from the corona virus.

Clinical data also show that corona can be treated with the antiviral drug ramidisvir, but the drug is still in the testing phase.

The drug has so far been approved by the World Health Organization and the US Federal Drug Authority only in hospital emergencies.

Meanwhile, a Pakistani pharma company has also obtained a license to manufacture Ramdisvier.

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