Daughter killed by mother in Karachi

Daughter killed by mother in Karachi

In Nazimabad, an area of ​​Karachi, a mother stabbed her daughter to death and tried to kill herself too.

According to police, in Nazimabad No. 1 area of ​​Karachi, a mother killed her daughter Nuzhat Umberin with a knife during an altercation and after killing her daughter, Waqar al-Nisa tried to kill herself and was injured.

According to police, the incident took place due to a domestic dispute. A murder weapon has also been recovered from the spot and the incident is being further investigated.

Meanwhile, two dacoits who snatched a mobile phone and tried to escape during an alleged police encounter near New Karachi were killed while one was arrested with injuries.

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On the other hand, docks police arrested drug dealer Shahid during an operation in Machar Colony and recovered a large quantity of drugs.

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