Decision to launch SMS system for Tele school improvement

Decision to launch SMS system for Tele school improvement

SMS System for TeleSchool

ISLAMABAD: The government has decided to launch an SMS system to improve the Tele-school. A two-way SMS system will be launched this week.

According to sources in the Ministry of Education, the aim of the SMS service will be to improve the Tele-school, improve communication with parents and the public through the SMS system.

The SMS system has been developed in collaboration with telecom companies. The Ministry of Education will be in touch with the citizens through the SMS system.According to the officials, citizens will be able to send suggestions to 8228 for their children’s problems and suggestions for better tele-school.

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The government has launched a TV channel called “TeleSchool” to provide home-based education to students during the closure of educational institutions due to lockdowns caused by the Corona virus epidemic.The tele-school, which started with the slogan “Education from door to door”, is teaching children from class I to class XII.

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