Download Syllabus of PMS | Compulsory & Optional Subjects

Download Syllabus of PMS | Compulsory & Optional Subjects of PMS Exam

This article will share Download Latest(s) Syllabus of PMS | Compulsory & Optional Subjects of PMS Exam by Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC). PMS is Provincial Management Service Exam in Pakistan taken by Provincial Public Service Commission’s (PSC) to fill the available posts (BS-17) of Provincial Management Service. PMS examinations typically conducted for the establishment of posts in several departments containing Health, Law enforcement, Educations, Police etc, under the provincial government. However, PMS examinations not held on regular bases.

Download Syllabus of PMS, Compulsory & Optional Subjects of  PMS Exam
PMS Exam(s) Syllabus Latest

All the interested applicants (Male/Female) can download latest(s) PMS Syllabus for both Compulsory and Options Subjects as the distribution of marks are given below in table:

Written Examination of PMS Exam(s) Latest

Subjects of PMS Total Papers of PMS Total Marks in PMS Exam(s)
Compulsory Subjects of PMSSix (6) Papers of PMS Exam(s) 600 Marks
Optional Subjects of PMS Three (3) Papers of PMS Exams(s) 600 Marks

There are five main Provincial Public Service Commission (PMS) working in Pakistan which are liable to conduct PMS exam latest. In Punjab PPSC (Punjab Public Service Commission), In Sindh SPSC (Sindh Public Service Commission), In KPK KPPSC (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Public Service Commission), In Balochistan BPSC (Baluchistan Public Service Commission) and in Azad Kashmir AJKPSC.

The Provincial Management Service Examination (PMS) exam comprises of 1400 marks; the division of the written and interview (Psychological assessment) viva voce is as under:

Portion of PMS Marks (Syllabus)Distribution of Mars (PMS Syllabus)
Written Part 1200 Marks (Compulsory + Optional Subjects
Viva Voce200 Marks.

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Provisional Management Services (PMS) Syllabus for Punjab Candidates (Male & Female)

Every exam has recommended syllabus so is the case with PMS Exam. PMS Syllabus is extensive one in nature. Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) has arranged PMS Syllabus for written examination containing of Compulsory Subjects and Optional Subjects. The detail of PMS Syllabus Punjab is as follow:

Syllabus for PMS for Six (6) Compulsory Subjects [600 Marks]

1. English Essay: English Essay (An essay on one of the several specified topics) [Subjective: 100 Marks]

2. English: Functional English comprising précis writing, translation from Urdu into English, composition and usage of idioms. [Subjective: 100 Marks]

3. Urdu: It comprise of Essay Writing, Précis, Explanation of Poetic Verses, Translation from English, Idioms and their usage. [Subjective: 100 Marks]

4. Islamic Studies / Ethics for non-Muslims: Combination of both Subjective & Objective 100 Marks

5. Pakistan Studies: Combination of both Subjective & Objective 100 Marks General Knowledge: Objective 100 Marks

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Syllabus of PMS for Optional Subjects [600 Marks]

The criteria of choosing subjects is very simple regarding PMS Syllabus Latest. You have to take three optional subject, each from following group, along the mandatory subjects. Compulsory subjects for PMS comprise of 600 marks while Optional Subjects for PMS contain 200 marks each. PPSC has recommended following seven groups for selection of optional subjects. Most of the candidates choose those subjects, in which they have got expertise in the form of getting degree of graduation or Post-graduation. Here we discuss the PMS Syllabus for Compulsory and Options Subjects concisely. Group wise syllabus is given below:

PMS Syllabus of Optional Subjects Latest(s) – Group A

The Group A mostly covers the commerce based subjects.

Code NoSubjectMarks
3Business Administration200
4Public Administration200

PMS Syllabus for Optional Subjects Latest(s) – Group B

The Group B contains of Biological Sciences.

Code NoSubjectMarks
6Veterinary Science200

Syllabus of PMS for Optional Subjects Latest(s) – Group C

Group C, consists Mathematics based subjects.

Code NoSubjectMarks
10Computer Science200
12Principle of Engineering200

Syllabus of PMS for Optional Subjects Latest(s) – Group D

This Group covers Physical Sciences.

Code NoSubjectMarks

PMS Optional Subjects SyllabusGroup E

Syllabus Group E of PMS Exam consists of Humanities subjects.

Code NoSubjectMarks
17Political Science200
20Mass Communication200

PMS Optional Subjects SyllabusGroup F

The social sciences subjects are covered in this group.

Code NoSubjectMarks
24Social Work200

PMS Optional Subjects SyllabusGroup G

Candidates can opt Languages subject in this Group.

Code NoSubjectMarks
25English Literature200

Optional Subjects for PMS Syllabus Outlines

You may download PMS syllabus pdf comprising Optional Subjects Syllabus
Outlines defined by PPSC.

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