Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program Explained by Sania Nishter

Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program Explained by Sania Nishter

Islamabad: Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program Explained by Sania Nishter to hand over the Rs. 12000 to needy and deserving people. Here we are sharing the latest video [Urdu] regarding Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program where Dr. Sania Nishter Special Assistant to PM Imran on Protection & Poverty Alleviation explained that how to make it easier for people.

Ehsaas Cash Program explain in Urdu by Dr. Sania Nishter
Ehsaas Program 2020 explain in detail by Sania Nishter

Top trend Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program 2020 has been introduced by Government of Pakistan [Federal Govt] to help or favor the needy and deserving people in these situations where all the Country have been Lock-down due to coronavirus. All the daily wagers, labourers and etc having no source of income in these days.

She also added, the Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program having aim to deliver Rs. 12000 to 12 million families living all around the Pakistan. If we talk about the budge she said that total amount for the initiative of this Ehsaas Program is Rs. 144 billion. Furthermore, the amount may increase according to the situation.

Dr. Sania Nishter explain her detailed views related to Ehsaas Cash Program, lets start to listen her as the link given below.

آئیں سنیں ڈاکٹر ثانیہ نے اس کے بارے کیا کہا ہے۔ مکمل ویڈیو اردو

میں ہے۔

Dr. Sania Nishter Explained about Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program [Detail in URDU Video]

She also made a complete press conference about Ehsaas Emergency Program to help people by giving them handsome amount of Rs. 12000 directed by Prime Minister of Pakistan. Lets listen her Press Conference where she explained.

Press Conference of Dr. Sania Nishter about Ehsaas Program Latest

She also added here that the beneficiaries or needy/deserving people are eligible for the Ehsaas Cash Program having three (3) categories.

Three categories of beneficiaries are given below which she explained in Press Conference:

Category 1: Needy and deserving people who are already part of Kafaalat Program & they’re receiving Rs. 2,000 each month increased to Rs. 1000 plus into their account which now total Rs. 3000. She said under the Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program all the beneficiaries under these Kafaalat Program will receive Rs. 12000 for the next four months. If they collect this amount they cannot receive such amount approx for four months. The total people fall in this category is around 4.5 million.

Category 2: There are four (4) million people which already registered in the large database of National Socioeconomic.

Category 3: Approximately 3.5 million people are being checked by multiple ways to verify them either they’re eligible or not. This process will be completed soon.

اگر آپ اپنا ڈیٹا دیکھنا چاہتے ہیں کہ آپ اہل ہیں کہ نہیں تو ابھی 8171 پر میسج کریں۔

The team of Ehsaas Program is now working by heart using multiple resources with the help of Government of Pakistan to identify all these categories to let know about the most deserving people fall in this Emergency Cash Program. All the Provinces Authorities can also provide aid to their people but Ehsaas Program intends to provide list of additional amount and people. All the citizens of Pakistan will also undergo the same database checks available in NADRA, State bank of Pakistan and many more.

As well all know the current situation of Pakistan, all the daily wagers, labourers, earners having no source to survive. It is therefore all the people have been applied to avail this benefit announced by Government of Pakistan. So the team of Ehsaas Program is now working on it that who is deserving most in these applications by checking database results. They are trying to choose rights people among all who applied to Emergency Cash Program.

People also visit this post to apply for Insaf Imdad Program by Government:

Moreover, Dr. Sania Nishter already presented the flow chart or process of Ehsaas Emergency Casy Program to determine the eligibility of anyone who is willing to apply this Cash Program.

Ehsaas Emergency Cash 2020: 8171 SMS Flow Chart

Ehsaas Emergency Cash 2020: 8171 SMS Flow Chart

She explained this chart flow process briefly that all the applicants will undergo these steps if they’re willing to apply here in Ehsaas Program. Furthermore, all the applicants will received or notified by a message from 8171 either they eligible or not. The third category will show different behavior to applicants about their criteria. Some of ineligible candidates will receive a notification when try to attempt by sending CNIC to 8171. A message from 8171 is like this, اپنے ضلع انتظامییہ سے رابطہ کریں

There are many applicants who applied for Ehsaas Cash Program by sending message/sms to 8171 but they recieve a message about to contact your own District Administration to continue it. The team of Ehsaas Emergency Program have solved it to do easiness for deserving people. They now connected through online NADRA portal. If you’re suffering from such issue then Click Here which showing complete guidance how to do it online registration.

Apply Online for Ehsaas Program through NADRA

Now needy and deserving applicant have no need to contact district offices of their own cities. Ehsaas Team have now make it easier to all of the citizens of Pakistan. Anyone having interest to apply should go for online web portal of Ehsaas.Nadra.Gov.Pk. As we have made already a step by step guidance for our viewers to apply through web portal for the Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program.

In the last category which is final stage to clear to receive the handsome amount of Rs. 12000 offering by Ehsaas team directed by Government of Pakistan. If all the applicants undergo through all checks and reach at Category No. 3 then they’ll go through a wealth proxy check. Here all the applicants background checked through FBR, Banks Statements, Bills and etc. They’ll be checked by their bills, monthly expenditures, travel, passport and others. As the above mentioned chart is showing all the scenarios how to know either you’re eligible or not. If you’re selected for this amount then notified by SMS from 8171. In other case, if you are not ineligible will also notified by message.

Flow Chart of Ehsaas Cash Program 2020

People who applied here will be checked through following conditions:

  • Applicant himself/herself traveled abroad [Out of Country]
  • Applicant’s spouses traveled to another Country.
  • There are more than one vehicles registered against the CNIC/Names.
  • If Spouses having more than one vehicles registered.
  • Bill amount will also checked either PTCL or Mobile expenditures are greater than Rs. 1000.
  • The avg. bill those are registered against the Spouse’s names greater than thousand (1000) either Mobile or PTCl.
  • If one of them applied for passport via executive centers.
  • same condition for spouse if applied for executive passport.
  • Government Empoyees or they spouses are also not allow to apply
  • More than three family members applied for this Cash Program

How the payment of this Ehsaas Program will be made?

A big question surrounding in everywhere that how we can collect the payment of the Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program. Added here, if you clearly receive a message from 8171 to collect your money from nearby centers then after biometric verification applicant can get his/her amount. There are thousands of Points of Sale across of Pakistan where you can withdraw your amount of Rs. 12000. Although Ehsaas Program contracted with two banks that include HBL, Habib Bank Limited (Konnect) and Bank Alfalah (E-Sahoolat & Alflah).

These payment can also be withdraw from retailer shops with their services e.g. Konnect, Alfa, JS SCO, AJK and eSaholat. By using their ATMs via biometirc option amount can be collected by needy people.

Govt. of Pakistan is also trying to resolve issues and making sure to remain open all the retail points for people to collect money.

People of Pakistan can also apply for free Rashan through the Ehsaas Rashan Program as well and whole application process is in our post given below:

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