Facebook’s platform helps fuel hatred, company admits

Facebook, the most popular social networking site, has admitted that its platform helped fuel hatred during the 2018 violence in Sri Lanka.

The Facebook company has released a brief report of the investigation according to which the misuse of Facebook in Sri Lanka was not taken seriously by the company which led to the violent incidents in Sri Lanka.

Responding to the inquiry, the company said it regrets the misuse of its platform, “We are aware of the implications and apologize.”

Facebook also pointed to steps taken to address these issues, including hiring content moderators with local language skills, implementing technology that automatically detects signs of hate speech and hate speech. Prevents content from spreading and involves trying to deepen relationships with local civil society groups.

The riots in Sri Lanka in 2018 came after a fake video went viral, showing a Muslim confessing to adding sterilization medicine to the food of Sinhalese Buddhist men.

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