For online education HEC directs universities to set up additional constitutional institutions

For online education HEC directs universities to set up additional constitutional institutions

For online education HEC directs universities to set up additional constitutional institutions
Sovereignty of Public Universities Challenged, HEC Directive Exceeds Boundaries, Will Not Implement, President Teachers Association Karachi University

KARACHI: The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) has directed public and private universities across the country to set up additional constitutional or constitutional institutions to start online education, exceeding its constitutional limits.

It has been directed to set up an online academic council to oversee online education and in a letter to the vice chancellors they have been asked to set up an online academic council to prepare for online education. Send compliance report to HEC. This is called online readiness.

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In this regard, Dr. Nadia Tahir, Managing Director, HEC Quality Assurance Agency, in a letter to the Vice Chancellor of the Universities, has challenged the autonomy of the public universities. If there is a delay in the approval of online education, they should give its provisional approval and set up an online committee which will oversee online education.

According to the document received by some sources, the HEC has asked the Vice-Chancellors to ensure that universities regularly implement its policies for the preparation of online education readiness and courses offered online. The letter further said that in accordance with the draft model policy, a formal decision-making body should be set up in this regard which would approve the online launch of existing courses. If there is any disagreement or inconsistency in the decision to launch these courses, the policy document of online education should be handed over to the Online Accreditation Committee.

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The letter further said that the university should create transparent SOPs to transform existing courses into online education. It is noteworthy that the suggestions made in this letter for the creation and implementation of these SOPs also recommend action against the teachers community.

In addition, Deans will send these assurances to departmental heads of faculty for approval by the Online Academic Council or the Online Accreditation Committee. The online council or committee will ask students for feedback on course performance on a daily basis.

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It seems that the chairman of HEC either did not read the letter or was unaware of its contents because when “Reporter of Newspapers” contacted him on the matter and sought his opinion on whether the letter The present text does not amount to the creation of additional institutions in the presence of statutory bodies in the universities, on which the Chairman HEC, Dr. Tariq Banuri, took the position that the instructions sent to the universities clearly stated that Assign the responsibility to the decision makers to make these decisions themselves or to set up a special body for this purpose.

Former President of Federation of All Pakistan Universities Academic Staff Association (FAPUASA) Sindh Factor and current President of Karachi University Teachers Association, Prof. Dr. Anila Amber Malik, when contacted, said that the HEC has exceeded its limits by issuing such a directive and we’ll not implement it.

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