General Knowledge Mcqs (04) MCQs Latest For FPSC, PPSC, NTS, KPPSC, SPSC & Other Tests

General Knowledge Mcqs (04) MCQs Latest For FPSC, PPSC, NTS, KPPSC, SPSC & Other Tests

General Knowledge Mcqs (04) MCQs Latest For FPSC, PPSC, NTS, KPPSC, SPSC & Other Tests
General Knowledge Mcqs (04)

General Knowledge Mcqs “. Tab this page to check “Latest General Knowledge MCQs” for the preparation of competitive mcqs, FPSC mcqs, PPSC mcqs, SPSC mcqs, KPPSC mcqs, AJKPSC mcqs, BPSC mcqs, NTS mcqs, PTS mcqs, OTS mcqs, Atomic Energy mcqs, Pak Army mcqs, Pak Navy mcqs, CTS mcqs, ETEA mcqs and others. The most occurred mcqs of General Knowledge in past papers. Past papers of General Knowledge Maths mcqs. Past papers of General Knowledge General Knowledge MCQs.General Knowledge General Knowledge Mcqs are the necessary part of any competitive / job related exams. The General Knowledge General Knowledge mcqs having specific numbers in any written test. It is therefore everyone have to learn / remember the related General Knowledge General Knowledge mcqs. The following mcqs of General Knowledge Mathematics Mcqs are given below:

The scientific study of dogs is called _______ ?

A. Cynology
B. Ctetology
C. Cytology
D. Dendrology

Which is the national flower of Indonesia?

A. Melati Putih
B. Rose
C. Shamrock
D. Lotus

The Greek War of Independence against the Ottoman Empire started in the year _________ ?0

A. 1820
B. 1821
C. 1833
D. 1832

Which Roman Emperor is also known as ‘little boot’ _________ ?

A. Caligula
B. Augustus
C. Julius Caesar
D. Nero

The historical monument Al Khazneh or The Treasury is located in the city of _______ ?0

A. Baghdad
B. Giza
C. Tehran
D. Petra

What is the capital of Latvia?

A. Lithonia
B. Riga
C. Minsk
D. Estonia

What was the real name of Tipu Sultan or Tiger of Mysore ?

A. Fateh Ali
B. Farid Khn
C. Nisar Ali
D. Nadir Ali

The study of “Coin” and “Medals” is called?

A. Nephology
B. Numismatics
C. Toxicology
D. Limnology

The book “Shanama-e-Islam” is written by_________?

A. Abdul Sattar
B. Z.A Bhutto
C. Sharif-Ud-Din Pirzada
D. Hafeez Jallundri

Sir William Wallace is known as the independence fighter of _________ ?

A. Sweden
B. Somalia
C. Switzerland
D. Scotland

“Csepel ” is the seaport of _______ ?

A. Hong Kong
B. Honduras
C. Hungary
D. Haiti

How many years did Elizabeth I reign England _________ ?

A. 44 Years
B. 48 Years
C. 45 Years
D. 41 Years

Chapel Bridge is located in __________ ?

A. Syria
B. Switzerland
C. Sweden
D. Spain

Chengyang Bridge (also known as Wind and Rain Bridge) is located in _______ ?

A. Canada
B. Chili
C. China
D. Colombia

In which year Vatican City was established as an independent state ________ ?

A. 1929
B. 1931
C. 1930
D. 1932

Which is the national flower of Hungary?

A. Lily
B. Melati Putih
C. Shamrock
D. Tulip

Charles Bridge is located in _________ ?

A. Croatia
B. Cyprus
C. Canada
D. Czech Republic

Chhogori and Savage mountain are other names of__________?

A. Kangchenjunga.
B. Nanga parbat
C. K-2
D. Mount Everest

“Baku ” is the seaport of ________ ?

A. Azerbaijan
B. Uzbekistan
C. Kazakhstan
D. Afghanistan

“Zeebrugge ” is the seaport of ________ ?

A. Belgium
B. Bangladesh
C. Bahrain
D. Belgium

The study of X-rays and their medical applications is called _________ ?

A. Radiology
B. Rheology
C. Rheumatology
D. Raciology

Pompeii is the town of_________?

A. Italy
B. Brazil
C. Pakistan
D. Greece

Soviet Union tested its first nuclear bomb on_________?

A. 25 August 1950
B. 29 August 1949
C. 22 August 1949
D. 16 August 1944

What is Ivy Mike ?

A. First test of hydrogen bomb of United States
B. First test of hydrogen bomb of Soviet Union
C. First test of hydrogen bomb of United Kingdom
D. First test of hydrogen bomb of France

Muhammad Bin Qasim Al-Thaqafi was born in_________?

A. Afghanistan
B. Iraq
C. Taif
D. Palestine

“Beni Saf ” is the seaport of _______ ?

A. Argentina
B. Algeria
C. Albania
D. Aruba

The Vanern lake is located in _______ ?

A. Suriname
B. Sudan
C. Sweden
D. Syria

Which is the national flower of Dominica?

A. Mahogany
B. Izote
C. Marguerite Daisy
D. Carib wood

” ANSA ” is the news agency of _________ ?

A. Afghanistan
B. Algeria
C. Italy
D. Russia

BERNAMA is the news agency of __________ ?

A. South Africa
B. Indonesia
C. Malaysia

General Knowledge Mcqs (01)

During rainy season Wooden doors are difficult to open or closure because of ________ ?0

A. Osmosis
B. Imbibition
C. Plasmolysis
D. Diffusion

When did Bahadur Shah Zafar die ________ ?

A. 6 September 1861
B. 5 October 1860
C. 7 November 1862
D. 8 December 1863

On 13 February 1739, Nadir Shah crushed the Mughal army in less than three hours at the huge ______ ?

A. Battle of Karnal
B. Battle of Tarain
C. Battle of Chausa
D. Battle of Plassey

Maharaja Ranjit Singh was the founder of the Sikh Empire. He was born in _______ ?

A. 1780
B. 1880
C. 1875
D. 1885

Which is the national flower of Egypt?

A. Egyptian Lotus
B. Marsh Marigold
C. Calla Lily
D. Egyptian Lily of the valley’

Which is the national flower of Ethiopia?

A. Calla Lily
B. Tudor Rose
C. Marsh Marigold
D. Cornflower

The Great Bear Lake is located in _______ ?

B. South Africa
C. Canada
D. Russia

“PTI”is the news agency of________?

A. Russia
B. China
C. India
D. Syria

The ” Al-Aqaba ” is the seaport of _______ ?

A. Egypt
B. Jordan
C. Thailand

“JANA” is the news agency of_________?

A. Russia
B. Japan
C. China
D. Libya

What type of creature is a Fulmar?

A. A Cat
B. A Bird
C. A Reptile
D. A Dog

The painted Desert lies in which US state?

A. Hawaii
B. Florida
C. Arizona
D. New York

Who was the second wife of king Henry VIII of England?

A. Lady Diana
B. Anne Boleyn
C. Queen Elizabeth
D. None of these

In which year did the Titanic sank on its maiden voyage?

A. 1913
B. 1912
C. 1911
D. 1914

Who was founder of Bahmani dynasty _______?

A. Aladdin Hassan Bahman Shah
B. Da’ud Shah
C. Aladdin Mujahid Shah
D. Muhammed Shah I

Aladdin Hassan Bahman Shah became the king of Bahman (City of Iran) in _______?

A. 1347
B. 1357
C. 1348
D. 1366

Empire state building is in__________?

A. Callifornia
B. New York
C. San Fransico
D. Rome

The currency of Croatia is_________?

A. Peso
B. Kuna
C. Dollar
D. Rial

Interfax is the news agency of________?

A. Russia
B. Australia
C. Pakistan
D. None of these

What was the first country to leave the United Nations?

A. Iraq
B. Iran
C. Indonesia
D. Greece

General Knowledge Mcqs (02)

Name of the Iceland parliament is__________?

A. Alpingi (Assembley of all)
B. Shora
C. Congress
D. Folketing

Name of the Germany parliament is__________?

A. Congress
B. Bundestag
C. Diet
D. None of these

The Sepahsalar Mosque is located in_________?

A. Istanbul, Turkey
B. Dhaka, Bangladesh
C. Toronto, Canada
D. Tehran, Iran

Who established the Mughal Dynasty?

A. King Humayun
B. King Akbar
C. Bābur
D. Qutub uddin Aibek

The Russian Revolution took place in__________?

A. 1917
B. 1919
C. 1918
D. 1922

Who is called the father of Astronomy?

A. James Cook
B. Galileo Galilee
C. Rudolf diesel
D. Edward Jenner

Which President of the United States was assassinated?

A. Richard Nixon
B. Jimmy Carter
C. Abraham Lincoln
D. Senior Bush

The Mongols defeat the Khwarezmid Empire and take over Persia (Iran, Afghanistan) in ________ ?

A. 1225
B. 1221
C. 1220
D. None of these

Which is the national flower of China ________ ?

A. Tahitian Gardenia
B. Plum Blossom
C. Wild Banana Orchid
D. White Mariposa

Agrology is the study of _________?

A. Study of agricultural soils
B. Study of anaesthetics
C. Science of pleasure and pain
D. Study of productivity of land

Alethiology is the study of ________ ?

A. Study of algae
B. Science of pleasure and pain
C. Study of truth
D. Study of angels

The study of the structure of the body is called _______ ?

A. Aphnology
B. Anatomy
C. Anthropobiology
D. Apiology

The study of angels is called _______ ?

A. Angelology
B. Angalology
C. Angiology
D. Engelology

Who among the following is called the Darvesh king?

A. Qutub-ud-din Aibak
B. Ghias-ud-din Balban
C. Nasir-ud-din Mahmud
D. Shams-ud-din Altamash

When did Nasir-ud-din Mahmud die ?

A. 1266
B. 1290
C. 1286
D. 1296

When did Ghias-ud-din Balban die?

A. 1290
B. 1287
C. 1266
D. 1296

Who became the king of Delhi in 1414 AD?

A. Sikandar Lodhi
B. Khizar Khan
C. Bahlul Khan Lodi
D. Ibrahim Lodhi

What was the Old Name of Saudi Arabia?

A. Burundi Majd And Hejaz
B. Jabal-e-Tariq
C. Najd And Hejaz
D. None Of These

Who is the Author Of the Book “The Frontier Tragedy”?

A. Karl Marx
B. Shakesspeare
C. Allah Bux Yousufi
D. M.A.H Isphani

Which of the following Countries are members of CACM (Central American Common Market)?0

A. Washington , Bogota , El Salvador
B. Costa rica , Bahrain
C. Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua
D. All of the above

Who wrote the book ” A Nation is Born”?

A. Abdul Waheed
B. Syed Mahmud Hassan
C. Isphahani
D. Ayub Khan

Zawar (Rajhastan) is famous for_________?

A. Salt
B. Zinc mines
C. Ship manufacturing
D. Major port

Agra city was founded by _______ ?

A. Ibrahim Lodhi
B. Bahlul Khan Lodhi
C. Malik Sultan Shah Lodi
D. Sikandar Lodhi

Bahlul Khan Lodi ascended the chair of the Delhi sultanate on _________ ?0

A. 19th April 1451
B. 21st July 1453
C. 20th May 1451
D. 22nd October 1455

Who was the ruler of the kingdom between the rivers Jhelum and Chenab?0

A. King Porus
B. Darius ll
C. Darius III
D. Alexander the Great

What was Alexander the Great most known for________?

A. Being a mathematician and scientist
B. Being a military genius and commander
C. Being a great poet and playwright
D. Being an excellent musician and singer

How old was Alexander the Great when he died in Babylon ?

A. 32
B. 42
C. 37
D. 45

What famous philosopher was Alexander`s teacher as a child?

A. Socrates
B. Plato
C. Aristotle
D. Zeno
E. Plutarch

When did Genghis Khan captures the capital of the Jin Dynasty (China) ?0

A. 1216
B. 1215
C. 1214
D. None of these

When did Mongolian leader Temujin defeats his rivals and receives the title Genghis Khan, Universal Ruler of the Mongols (Mongolia) ?

A. 1207
B. 1206
C. 1205
D. None of these

Dow Jones is stock exchange market of__________?

A. London
B. Tokyo
C. New York
D. None of these

Which is the national game of United States of America ?

A. Football
B. Volleyball
C. Baseball
D. Rugby Union

General Knowledge Mcqs (03)

In Which year America joined the Second World War ?

A. 1940
B. 1939
C. 1941
D. 1942

Ibn Battuta Visited India in the reign of:_________?

A. Ghiasuddin Balban
B. Sultan Muhammad Tughlaq
C. Allaudin Khilji
D. None Of These

Dal Lake is located in area of__________?

A. Sri Nagar
C. Gilgit Baltistan

Which is the national game of Russia?

A. Baseball
B. Volleyball
C. Golf
D. Bandy

Which is the national game of Japan?

A. Sumo wrestling
B. Field Hockey
C. Sepak Takraw
D. Golf

Which is the national game of Nepal?

A. Wrestling
B. Volleyball
C. Baseball
D. Handball

Which is the national game of France?

A. Basketball
B. Football
C. Volleyball
C. Cricket

Which is the national flower of Australia ?

A. Golden Trumpet
B. Shapla (Water Lily)
C. Golden Wattle
D. Tulips

Which of the following Country has Tulips its National Flower ?

A. Turkey
B. Hungary
C. Holland
D. Afghanistan
E. All of the above

Which country is known as “Horn of Africa” ?

A. Zambia
B. Sudan
C. Mali
D. Somalia

Which is the largest country in Africa by land area?

A. Nigeria
B. Sudan
C. Algeria

Which is the national bird of Italy ?

A. Hoopoe
B. Chukar Partridge
C. Sparrow
D. Northern lapwing

” Chukar Partridge ” is a national bird of which country ?

B. Iraq
C. Iran
D. China

The “Zambezi river ” is located in _______ ?

A. North America
B. Africa
C. Asia
D. South America

The “Saint Lawrence river” is a lager river in the middle latitudes of ________ ?

A. South America
B. South Africa
C. North America
D. South Asia

“Common Nightingale” is a National Bird of which country ?

A. Iran
B. Turkey
C. Iraq
D. None of these

First Woman University of Pakistan is located in_____________?

A. Rawalpindi
B. Quetta
C. Karachi
D. Sindh

Who is the Author of the Book “As u Like it”?

A. Karl Marx
B. Coleridge
C. Thomas Hardy
D. William Shakespear

General Knowledge Mcqs (04) MCQs Latest For FPSC, PPSC, NTS, KPPSC, SPSC & Other Tests


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