General Knowledge Mcqs MCQs Latest For FPSC, PPSC, NTS, KPPSC, SPSC & Other Tests

General Knowledge Mcqs MCQs Latest For FPSC, PPSC, NTS, KPPSC, SPSC & Other Tests

General Knowledge Mcqs MCQs Latest For FPSC, PPSC, NTS, KPPSC, SPSC & Other Tests
General Knowledge Mcqs

General Knowledge Mcqs “. Tab this page to check “Latest General Knowledge MCQs” for the preparation of competitive mcqs, FPSC mcqs, PPSC mcqs, SPSC mcqs, KPPSC mcqs, AJKPSC mcqs, BPSC mcqs, NTS mcqs, PTS mcqs, OTS mcqs, Atomic Energy mcqs, Pak Army mcqs, Pak Navy mcqs, CTS mcqs, ETEA mcqs and others. The most occurred mcqs of General Knowledge in past papers. Past papers of General Knowledge mcqs. Past papers of General Knowledge General Knowledge MCQs. General Knowledge General Knowledge Mcqs are the necessary part of any competitive / job related exams. The General Knowledge General Knowledge mcqs having specific numbers in any written test. It is therefore everyone have to learn / remember the related General Knowledge General Knowledge mcqs. The Important series of General Knowledge Mcqs are given below:

Polar bears are mostly__________?

A. carnivorous
B. Omnivorous
C. Herbivorous
D. None of these

Which country produce the most of the refugees in the world?

A. Syria
B. South sudan
C. Afghanistan
D. Myanmar

Which of the following country host most refugees?

A. Pakistan
B. Jordan
C. Iran
D. Lebanon

The world’s first nuclear power plant was built by_________?

A. France
B. United States
C. Russia
D. Germany

The Tallest tree in the world is__________?

A. Coconut palm
B. Date palm
C. Cuban Royal palm
D. Redwoods

The oldest film industry of the world is____________?

A. Bollywood
B. Lollywood
C. Hollywood
D. Nestor Studios

The largest eggs in the world today are the eggs laid by the_________?

A. Whale
B. African Duck
C. Crocodile
D. Ostrich

Pandas are feed almost entirely on__________?

A. red pine
B. bamboo
C. beech
D. European larch

Old name of Zimbabwe is__________?

A. Southern Rhodesia
B. Saigon
C. Northern Rhodesia
D. Zaire

Who is the current CEO of Q-Mobile?

A. Jawed Iqbal
B. Zeeshan Akhtar
C. Anwar Saifullah Khan
D. Wang Xiu Ying

Who assassinated Gandhi?

A. Muslim nationalist
B. disgruntled British soldier
C. Sikh Nationalist
D. Hindu nationalist

When did India become independent?

A. 1942
B. 1940
C. 1947
D. 1952

The scientific study of the origin, history, and structure of the earth is known as ________?

A. Hydrology
B. Geology
C. Geography
D. Meteorology

The study of the earth and its features is known as ________?

A. Crystallography
B. Geography
C. Geology
D. Petrolgy

The study of light and vision is known as _______?

A. Astronomy
B. Optics
C. Acoustics
D. None of these

Science dealing with design, construction, and use of machinery or mechanical structures is known as ________?

A. Paleontology
B. Mechanics
C. Optics
D. None of these

The study of aircraft design, construction, and navigation is known as ________?

A. Robotics
B. Aeronautics
C. Acoustics
D. Meteorology

The study of sound is known as ________?

A. Acoustics
B. Mineralogy
C. Paleontology
D. Cartography

Animal that Sleeps the least is___________?

A. Sheep
B. Giraffe
C. Elephants
D. Deer

The most sleepiest animal in the world, which sleeps about 22 hours (out of 24)?

A. Tiger
B. Squirrel
C. Python
D. Koala

Which of the following animal sleeps the most i.e. 20 hours out of 24 hours?

A. Tiger
B. Lion
C. Leopard
D. Giant Armadillo

David Cameron, Britian Prime Minister from (2010 to 2016) Belongs to ___________ party?

A. Conservative
B. Labour
C. Democratic
D. People`s

The first country in the world to impose complete ban on the sale of all forms of Tobacco is_______?

A. Switzerland
B. New Zealand
C. Singapore
D. Japan

The world’s largest land animal is__________?

A. Asian elephant
B. Hippopotamus
C. African forest elephant
D. African bush elephant

What was the name of the first mosque in the Indian subcontinent?

A. Badshahi Mosque
B. Mahabat Khan Mosque
C. Cheraman Juma Mosque
D. Malik Dinar Mosque

Shahi Qila located in which city of Pakistan?

A. Lahore
B. Quetta
C. Sukkur
D. Peshawar

The USA film industry Hollywood is located in__________?

A. Alaska
B. California
C. New york
D. Washington D.C

Who was the Prime Minister of the Britain during Indo-Pak Partition?

A. Clement Attlee
B. Winston Churchill
C. Lord Mount Batten
D. Chamberlain

How many times has Pakistan hosted Asian games?

A. Twice
B. Once
C. Never
D. Thrice

Who is the Civilian Commander-In-Chief of Pakistan Armed forces?

A. Prime Minister of Pakistan
B. President of Pakistan
C. Cheif Justice of Pakistan
D. Speaker of National Asembly

How many football World Cups have been played till now?

A. 19
B. 18
C. 20
D. 21

In which city of Sindh the famous Hathi Dar is located?

A. Kotdiji
B. Shikarpur
C. Sukkur
D. Sehwan

Old name of Dhaka is_________?

A. Mehmood nagar
B. Khan garh
C. Jehangir nagar
D. Montgomery

Which of the following is Higher Rank in Pakistan Air Force?

A. Wing Commando
B. Air commodore
C. Squadron Leader
D. Group Caption

The Half marathon has an official distance of _______ kilometers?

A. 20.2 km
B. 19.1 km
C. 21.1 km
D. 22.3 km

The full marathon has an official distance of ________ kilometers?

A. 41.2 km
B. 39 km
C. 42.2 km
C. 44.1 km

Talbul project is disputed between:

A. Indian – Bhutan
B. Pakistan – India
C. India – Bangladesh
D. India – Srilanka

The 2018 Asian games is officially known as_________?

A. 19th Asian Games
B. 18th Asian Games
C. Jakarta Palembang 2018
D. Both A & C

Where was 1951 Asian games held?

A. New Delhi, India
B. Tokyo, Japan
C. Jakarta, Indonesia
D. Seoul, South Korea

The 1951 Asian games was officially known as__________?

A. First Asian Games
B. Peace Games
C. The Games of Asia
D. The Asian Games

General Knowledge Mcqs

First Asian games were held in year ________?

A. 1950
B. 1949
C. 1951
D. 1952

The 20th Commonwealth games were held in which year?

A. 2018
B. 2014
C. 2013
D. 2016

The 20th Commonwealth games were held in________?

A. New Delhi, India
B. Glasgow, Scotland
C. Queensland, Australia
D. Birmingham, England

What was the motto of the 21st Commonwealth games?

A. Energy of the Commonwealth
B. Peace and passion
C. Share the dream
D. Heart of the UK, soul of the Commonwealth

1st Commonwealth games were held in year _______?

A. 1930
B. 1922
C. 1926
D. 1934

Jhat pat is the old name of__________?

A. Sawat
B. Dera Alhyar
C. Haripur
D. Khairpur

Name the First-ever eye bank of Pakistan?

A. Lions Eye Institute
B. Eye Bank Foundation
C. Eye Bank Society Hospital
D. Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital

The Winter Capital of the Balochistan?

A. Quetta
B. Gwadar
C. Ziarat
D. Dera Bugti

Dapsang is another name of_________?

A. K-2
B. Rakaposhi
C. Nanga parbat
D. Mount Everest

The Indus flows into the Arabian sea at________?

A. Karachi
B. Thata
C. Sajawal
D. Badin

Which is oldest university of United States of America?

A. Seattle
B. Yale
C. New York
D. Harvard

University of Karachi was established in which year?

A. 1954
B. 1951
C. 1948
D. 1957

Sindh University Jamshoro was established in which year?

A. 1945
B. 1944
C. 1946
D. 1947

Estimated average depth of Arabian sea near Karachi is_________?

A. 2324m
B. 2223m
C. 2526m
D. 2734m

The United Nations’ (UN) World Refugee Day is observed on_________ each year.

A. June 20
B. June 22
C. June 21
D. June 23

Which is the world’s largest refugee camp in 2018?

A. Dadaab
B. Bidi Bidi
C. Kutupalong
D. Kakuma
E. None of these

General Knowledge Mcqs

Who is known as Father of Pakistan Air Force?

A. Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman
B. Air Chief Marshal M. Asghar Khan
C. Air Chief Marshal Mosa Khan
D. None of these

How many Pakistanis are currently included in British Parliament?

A. 14
B. 12
C. 10
D. 16

Recently how many Muslims are elected to British Parliament?

A. 10
B. 12
C. 14
D. 16

Which conutry is following one party system?

A. Chile
B. China
C. Mongolia
D. Spain

Current Director General of International Organization of Migration is?

A. William Lee
B. William Lacy
C. Antonio Vitorino
D. Joseph Henderson

How many headsmen (Jalad) are in Pakistan’s jail?

A. 3
B. 7
C. 5
D. 9

How President of Pakistan is elected?

A. Senate
B. National Assembly
C. Provincial Assemblies
D. National Assembly, Senate and Provincial Assemblies

Homeopathy as system of medicine was developed by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in Germany in _______?

A. 1792
B. 1788
C. 1796
D. 1799

The World Homeopathy Day is observed every year on _______ to pay tribute to Dr. Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann.

A. 15th April
B. 10th April
C. 8th April
D. 22nd April

First time in world Country to make constitution is___________?

A. France
B. China
D. Russia

Guantanamo Bay is used as a Prison for__________?

A. International Prisoners
B. Afghanistan War prisoners
C. Iraq war prisoners
D. None of these

Where the 3rd Nuclear Security Summit held on the 24th March 2014?

A. Paris, France
B. London, UK
C. New York, USA
D. Hague, Netherland

Which Continent has the highest number of Countries?

A. Europe
B. Asia
C. Noth America
D. Africa

First Opium War was fought between_____________?

A. France and Germany
B. Romania and Hungry
C. United Kingdom and China
D. none of these

In ODI Cricket Which Team holds the record of highest margin win (by score) is ?

A. South Africa
B. Australia
C. New zealand
D. Sri Lanka

STAR stands for__________?

A. Standard Term Arrival Route
B. Standard Terminal Arrival Route
C. Standard Terminal Arrival Road
D. Strong Terminal Arrival Road

The second name of Khojak Pass is _______ ?

A. Toba Afghanistan
B. Toba Chaman
C. Toba Kaker
D. None of them

What is meant by word Quetta?

A. Hill
B. Fort
C. Town
D. Dead

The word “OPF” stands for_________?

A. Overseas People Federation
B. Overseas Pakistan Federation
C. Overseas Pakistanis Foundation
D. None of these

“Doab” is a _______?

A. Area b/w two islands
B. Area b/w two rivers
C. Area b/w two oceans
D. Area b/w two countries

First Asian city to host the Olympics is__________?

A. New Dehli
B. Tokyo
C. Beijing
D. Katmandu

First Country to make Education Compulsory is_________?

A. China
C. Japan
D. Prussia

Who was the 1st President of India?

A. Jawaharlal Nehru
B. V.V. Giri
C. Rajendra Prasad
D. Lal Bahadur Shastri

The last King of Afghanistan was____________?

A. Sardar Daud Khan
B. Muhammad Zahir Shah
C. Habib ullah Khan
D. Aman ullah Khan

The largest opium producer province of Afghanistan is_________?

A. Helmand
B. Herat
C. Paktia
D. Nangarhar

“Order of Cloud and Banner” is the most prestigious military award of__________?

A. Japan
B. America
C. China
D. North Korea

Which of the following is not an example of modern slavery?

A. Child labour
B. Bonded labour
C. Human trafficking
D. Forced marriage
E. All of the above are examples of modern slavery 

General Knowledge Mcqs

Which Country has Constructed the world longest sea bridge?

A. Germany
C. China
D. France

Reykjavik is the capital of ________?

A. Iceland
B. Croatia
C. Ireland
D. Montenegro

Manila is the capital and seaport of ________?

A. Phillipines
B. Croatia
C. Coast Rica
D. Montenegro

Gulf war started in________?

A. 1990
B. 1993
C. 1992
D. 1991

Capital of Croatia is_____________?

A. Zagreb
B. Sisak
C. Rijeka
D. Zadar

River Sawan is located in__________?

B. Sindh
C. Swat
D. Rawalpindi

Who Won the FIFA World Cup 2018 ?

A. Argentina
B. Croatia
C. Pakistan
D. France

Who was the First Poet of the Urdu language?

A. Hassan Mohani
B. Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib
C. Amir Khusrow
D. Mir Taqi Mir

Who is the Father of Urdu Literature?

A. Mir Taqi Mir
B. Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib
C. Hassan Mohani
D. Molvi Abdul Haq

SUPARCO stand for__________?

A. The Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission
B. The Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Cooperation  
C. The Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Company
D. The Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Contents

SSGC stands for __________?

A. Sui Special Gas Company’s
B. Sui Southern Gas Company’s
C. Sui Sindh Gas Corridor
D. Sui Southern Gas Corridor

CPI stands for __________?

A. Customer Price Index
B. Company Price Index
C. Current Price Index
D. Consumer Price Index

International Day of Cooperatives is observed on the ________ Saturday of July each year?

A. First
B. Third
C. Second
D. Fourth

DMO stands for __________?

A. Dual Monitoring Officer
B. Direct Monitoring Officer
C. District Monitoring Officer
D. Departmental Monitoring Officer

World Zoonoses Day is observed on __________ every year?

A. July 4
B. July 3
C. July 5
D. July 6

CGTO stands for __________?

A. Central Gas Theft Operations
B. Counter Gas Theft Operations
C. Counter Gas Theft Organization
D. Company Gas Theft Operations

What is the Capital of Monaco?

A. Monaco
B. Monte Carlo
C. Mont Karl
D. Mancino

General Knowledge Mcqs MCQs Latest For FPSC, PPSC, NTS, KPPSC, SPSC & Other Tests

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