General Knowledge Mcqs MCQs Latest For FPSC, PPSC, NTS, KPPSC, SPSC & Other Tests

General Knowledge Mcqs MCQs Latest For FPSC, PPSC, NTS, KPPSC, SPSC & Other Tests

General Knowledge Mcqs MCQs Latest For FPSC, PPSC, NTS, KPPSC, SPSC & Other Tests
General Knowledge Mcqs

General Knowledge Mcqs “. Tab this page to check “Latest General Knowledge MCQs” for the preparation of competitive mcqs, FPSC mcqs, PPSC mcqs, SPSC mcqs, KPPSC mcqs, AJKPSC mcqs, BPSC mcqs, NTS mcqs, PTS mcqs, OTS mcqs, Atomic Energy mcqs, Pak Army mcqs, Pak Navy mcqs, CTS mcqs, ETEA mcqs and others. The most occurred mcqs of General Knowledge in past papers. Past papers of General Knowledge mcqs. Past papers of General Knowledge General Knowledge MCQs. General Knowledge General Knowledge Mcqs are the necessary part of any competitive / job related exams. The General Knowledge General Knowledge mcqs having specific numbers in any written test. It is therefore everyone have to learn / remember the related General Knowledge General Knowledge mcqs. The Important series of General Knowledge Mcqs are given below:

When was the Water and Power Development Authority established?

A. February 12, 1958
B. February 12, 1960
C. February 12, 1959
D. February 12, 1961

The ruling military junta changed its name from Burma to Myanmar in ________?

A. 1979
B. 1969
C. 1989
D. 1999

The height of Leaning Tower of Pisa is_________?

A. 368m
B. 300m
C. 57m
D. 27m

Pine is a __________?

A. vegetable
B. fruit
C. Tree
D. Grass

Which Country is the largest producer of Potatoes?

B. China
C. India
D. Pakistan

When USA declared ISIS as terrorist Organization of the World?

A. 20 May-2016
B. 15 June-2015
C. 15 January-2016
D. 22 March-2016

Abdul Sattar Edhi died at the age of?

A. 86
B. 84
C. 90
D. 88

Where is the headquarter of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation?

A. Toronto
B. Beijing
C. Moscow
D. Singapore

How many countries are members of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)?

A. 31
B. 21
C. 12
D. 41

The World leader in Geothermal Electricity is___________?

A. Iceland
C. New Zealand
D. Pakistan

Who Called Mahatma Gandhi “a half naked fakir”?

A. Roosevelt
B. Nehru
C. Churchill
D. none of these

Which Country has 27 stars on its Flag?

A. Panama
B. Mexico
C. Cuba
D. Brazil

Where is the headqurter of Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development(OECD)?

A. Paris
B. Geneva
C. New York
D. Vienna

Which Planet is Called Great Red Spot?

A. Mars
B. Neptune
C. Jupiter
D. Mercury

LLAMA is the National Animal of which Country?

A. Italy
B. Brazil
C. Canada
D. Bolivia

How many Countries are members of OIC?

A. 56
B. 55
C. 57
D. 64

The Parliament of Cuba is called____________?

A. Federal assembly
B. National Assembly of People’s Power
C. National assembly
D. Cortes

When Houthi rebels toppled the internationally recognized government in Yemen?

A. 2015
B. 2014
C. 2013
D. 2016

General Knowledge MCqs

Capital of Togo is_________?

A. Lomé
B. Khartoum
C. Lusaka
D. Thirnphu

UNITA has become a political party in angola but between the 1960,s-1990,s it was one of the chief rebel groups in the country. Who was it’s leader?

A. Samuel Doe
B. Robert Mugabe
C. Jonas Savimbi
D. Amilcar Carbral

What is the flattest Continent?

A. Europe
B. Australia
C. Asia
D. Antarctica

CV or curriculum vitae is very often used. From which language is the term curriculum vitae derived?

A. Greek
B. French
C. Latin
D. German

Dynamite was invented by___________?

A. Alfred Nobel
B. William Davis
C. Thomas Edison
D. None of these

AP News Agency has its headquarter in ______________?

A. New York
B. Paris
C. Washington
D. London

Yerevan is Capital of ______ Country ?

A. Senegal
B. Armenia
C. Barbodas
D. None of these

Mostly Which Country sales sophisticated weapons to Saudi Arabia?

A. European countries
C. Russia
D. China

NRO is Abbreviation of_______________?

A. National Reconciliation Order
B. No Reconciliation Ordinance
C. No Reconciliation Order
D. National Reconciliation Ordinance

Asia Cup 2018 held in which country?

B. India
C. Bangladesh
D. Indonesia

European Court of justice established in 1952, is located in___________?

A. Geneva, Switzerland
B. Hague, Netherlands.
C. Luxembourg city
D. Belgium

Who is the author of the book “Kashmir-A Disputed Legacy”?

A. Lawrence Ziring
B. Josef korbel
C. Alistair Lamb
D. KK Aziz

FATF is Abbreviation for_____________?

A. Financial Auto Task force
B. Financial Action Task foundation
C. Force Action Task Force
D. Financial Action Task Force

+20 is International code for which Country?

A. Syria
B. libya
C. Palestine
D. Egypt

Where the Eleventh WTO Ministerial Conference was held?

A. Berlin
B. Buenos Aires
C. London
D. Geneva

What is the Total Construction Cost of World’s longest Sea bridge?

A. $20bn
B. $40bn
C. $30bn
D. $50bn

Which Country build world’s longest sea bridge?

A. Japan
B. China
C. Hong Kong
D. Russia

The Capital of “East Timor” is__________?

A. Dili
B. Quito
C. Roseau
D. Bogota

The Capital of “Belize” is_________?

A. Belmopan
B. Brasila
C. La Pas
D. Sucre

Where was Napoleon sent into exile after the “Battle Of Waterloo”?

A. St.Helena
B. Corsica
C. Elba
D. Capri

The “Pacific Ocean” was named by__________?

A. Jame Wilson
B.Ferdinand Magellan
C. Francis Bacon
D. None of these

Ashgabad is the capital city of___________?

A. Tajikstan
B. Turkmenistan
C. Kazakhstan
D. Armenia

IBM has purchased open source software company Red Hat for_________?

A. $44 billion
B. $34 billion
C. $24 billion
D. $51 billion

“Pakistan: A Modern History” is written by___________?

A. Ian Talbot
B. Anatol Lieven
C. Lawrence Ziring
D. K.K.Aziz

How many time zones are there in France?

A. 10
B. 9
C. 11
D. 12

Donald John Trump belongs to the state of________?

A. New York
B. Washington DC
C. Hawaii
D. None

What is the theme of the 2018 World Food Day (WFD)?

A. Break the Cycle of Rural Poverty
B. Our Actions Are Our Future
C. A millennium free from hunger
D. Harvesting nature’s diversity

Who was the founder of Jamat_e_islami?

A. qazi hussain ahmed
B. maulana syed abul a’ala moududi
C. mian tufail muhammed
D. siraj ul haq

When was Jamat_e_Islami founded?

A. 26 august, 1941
B. 26 august, 1942
C. 26 august, 1940
D. 26 august, 1943

General Knowledge Mcqs

Max planck received the noble prize in physics in ____________ for discovery of Energy Quanta?

A. 1915
B. 1917
C. 1916
D. 1918

Who Is the author of “Nineteen-Eighty-Four”???

A. R.K.Layman
B. Shakespeare
C. George Orwell
D. None of these

The Ancient City “Prayaga” was renamed as “Allahabad” by which Mughal emperor?

A. Aurangzeb
B. Akbar
C. Humayun
D. Shah Jahan

__________was the leader of Palestinian,s hunger strike in Israeli jails?

A. Marwan Barghouti
B. Abu Maher Ghneim
C. Yusef Urabi
D. Amin-al-Hindi

Which is the world’s largest online social network, with 1.5 billion daily user?

A. Twiter
B. Facebook
C. Instagram
D. Youtube

What is the height of badminton net from ground?

A. 1.311 meter
B. 1.124 meter
C. 1.524 meter
D. 1.834 meter

When did Xi jinping became President of China?

A. March 14, 2013
B. July 28, 2013
C. April 14, 2013
D. September 28, 2013

How many States does Sri Lanka have?

A. 15 states
B. 9 states
C. 5 states
D. 20 states

Quito is a capital of__________?


Which Tennis open also called Roland-Garros?

A. Wimbledon
B. The French Open
C. The Australian Open
D. US Open

The Australian Open is the first of the four Grand Slam Tennis events held each year, preceding the French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open was founded in?

A. 1905
B. 1911
C. 1908
D. 1913

+61 is the international code for which country?

A. Australia
C. New Zealand

Wimbledon, is the oldest tennis tournament in the world played on outdoor grass court in london, founded in__________?

A. 1850
B. 1820
C. 1877
D. 1897

The United States Open Tennis Championships is a hard court tennis tournament when it was founded?

A. 1900
B. 1881
C. 1860
D. 1913

When was The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) founded?

A. 1935
B. 1926
C. 1920
D. 1949

+91 is International code for which country?

A. India
B. Afghanistan
C. Bangladesh
D. Iran

Where is the headquarter of The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF)?

A. Tokyo
B. Beijing
C. Lausanne
D. Singapore

When The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) founded in Stockholum, Swedon?

A. 17 July 1912
B. 17 July 1916
C. 17 July 1914
D. 17 July 1918

Where is the headquarter of The International Association of Athletics Federations IAAF?

A. Monaco
B. Paris
C. Vienna
D. London

When Dick Pound founded the World Anti-Doping Agency?

A. November 10, 1999
B. November 10, 2001
C. November 10, 2000
D. November 10, 2002

Where is the Headquarter of The World Anti-Doping Agency?

A. Montreal
B. London
C. New York
D. Moscow

In which country early in the year 2018 a team of archaeologists announced the discovery of more than 61,000 long-lost Maya civilization?

A. Guatemala
B. Panama
C. Brazil
D. Mexico

ON 15th August which Country(s) celebrates their Independence Day?

A. South Korea
B. Liechtenstein  
C. India
D. Congo
E. All of Above

International Energy Agency (IEA) was founded in year?

A. 1972
B. 1970
C. 1974
D. 1978

Headquarter of International Energy Agency (IEA) is located in:

A. Germany
C. France
D. none of these

Which animal has the largest brain in the world?

A. Graffe
B. Elephant
C. Sperm whale
D. Ostrich

Which animal has the largest ears of any animal in the planet?

A. African Elephant
B. Giraffe  
C. Jackrabbit
D. Whale Shark

What is the fastest land snake in the world?

A. Black mamba
B. Anaconda
C. Pythons
D. Viper

Gneral Knowledge Mcqs

Total members of International Energy Agency (IEA) are_________?

A. 35
B. 30
C. 25
D. 36

Mo Farah a champion at which sport?

A. Swimming
B. Football
C. Tennis
D. Athetics 

Michael Phelps has won the most Olympic medals ever, which sport did he compete in?

A. Swimming
B. Soccer
C. Tennis
D. Football

Andy Murray is champion at which sport?

A. Soccer
B. Tennis
C. Football
D. Basketball

What colour belt are martial arts experts entitled to wear?

A. Black
B. White
C. Red
D. Green

Which country does footballer Lionel Messi play for?

A. Argentina 
B. Brazil
C. France
D. Germany

How many titles won Brazil in FIFA World Cups?

A. 4
B. 3
C. 5
D. 6

With five victories to date, what team has won the FIFA World Cup the most number of times?

A. Germany
B. France
C. Spain
D. Brazil

Which is the largest river of Canada?

A. Florence.
B. St. Lawrence.
C. McKenzie.
D. St. Kitty.

what is the size of bedminton court in singles?

A. Width 17f, Length 44f
B. Width 15f, Length 44f
C. Width 16f, Length 44f
D. Width 14f, Length 44f

What is the sand on a golf course called?

A. Bunker
B. Regular
C. Silica
D. Ooid

How many pieces does a player have in Ludo?

A. 6
B. 7
C. 5
D. 4

From which country does Lego come?

A. Denmark
B. England
C. Australia
D. Greece

In which sport might you do a slam dunk?

A. Basketball
B. Tennis
C. Football
D. Soccer

A card of which colour dismisses a player from the match?

A. Green
B. Red
C. Blue
D. Yellow

What is the minimum number of players that can play in one soccer team?

A. 8 players
B. 7 players
C. 6 players
D. 9 players

In which sport can you hear the score announced as “30-love” ?

A. Tennis
B. Ludo
C. Football
D. Soccer

The Bering Strait is a strait of the Pacific, which borders with the Arctic to north. It is located between?

A. Russia and the United States
B. Canada and the United States
C. Russia and Poland
D. USA and Mexico

Lufthansa airline belongs to ________ ?

A. Lithuania
B. Germany
C. Latvia
D. Republic of Korea

Rotunda Capitol Building is located in __________ ?

A. Berlin
B. Washington DC
C. Paris
D. Ottawa

News Paper “The Mail” has its origin from ?

A. Paris
B. London
C. Moscow
D. Washington

_____________ is the independence day of Sudan.

A. January 1
B. January 3
C. January 2
D. January 4

The International Day of Older Persons is observed every year on __________?

A. September 1
B. August 1
C. October 1
D. November 1

Provencal language is spoken in _______ ?

A. Ethiopia
B. France
C. Portugal
D. Rhodesia

February 14 is known as _________ ?

A. Earth Day
B. World Health Day
C. Valentine Day
D. World Meteorological Day

General Knowledge Mcqs MCQs Latest For FPSC, PPSC, NTS, KPPSC, SPSC & Other Tests

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