Hania Amir came out in support of Uzma Khan

Hania Amir came out in support of Uzma Khan

KARACHI: Actress Haniya Aamir has come out in support of actress Uzma Khan after she was harassed.

Haniya Aamir released an Instagram video in which she expressed her anger over the women who tortured Uzma Khan and said that it is all a matter of power, how can it be that if I have a fight with someone, they are powerful. Because of this, they broke into my house, tortured my sister and sprayed kerosene on us.

He also said that it was unfortunate that someone’s house was invaded without permission and sanctity was not taken care of. Going to someone’s house like this is tantamount to killing someone, it is a crime because if If a thief does the same thing and breaks into someone’s house and harms them, the police will catch the thief, but here the matter is something else, these women are Papa’s princes, so they are not being told anything.

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The actress also said that Uzma Khan went to register an FIR but none of them was heard. Is this family above the law? And even if an FIR is registered against this large family, they will be asked to withdraw the case later by threatening to draw, which will be a shame for us and all this can only happen because there is a The party is very rich and influential.

Haniya Aamir said that if these two girls were the daughters of a general and guards were stationed outside their house to protect them, then the killers must have thought before they came to someone’s house that they too would not be killed. Didn’t think because they are very rich.

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