Inefficiency of District Education Authority Lahore

Inefficiency of District Education Authority Lahore
The future of education is bleak due to the incompetence of the District Education Authority, Lahore

Due to incompetence of District Education Authority Lahore, the future of education has become bleak. The funds of Rs. 169.4 million released in the name of non-salary budget could not be transferred to the accounts of schools.

The funds released to 1200 schools in Lahore could not be transferred under the non-salary budget. The said funds have been released in the third installment of the current financial year. School heads said that the funds have not been received yet. On the other hand, the District Education Authority Lahore said that the process of transfer of funds is underway, this week the funds will be transferred to the accounts of schools.

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On the other hand, registration of 395 private schools is pending. Sources said that private school owners have been applying for several months. School owners say that registration is not being done deliberately by the authority, all the documents are complete but registration is not being done.

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Earlier, provincial education minister Murad Rass had claimed that the new schools would be started from the academic year 2020. Admissions to the schools were scheduled to begin on April 1, and the failure to find rented buildings has led to fears of delays.

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It may be recalled that 100 schools are to be set up in the areas of Jallu, Band Road, Kent, Babusabo, Wagah Hangarwal, Amna Park, Ahbab Colony. On the other hand, the Education Authority Lahore said that the schools would be set up on time. He said that a complete report was being prepared regarding the opening of schools in rented buildings which would be submitted to the provincial education minister soon.

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