Islamic Studies Mcqs – (Islamiat) MCQs Latest For FPSC, PPSC, NTS, KPPSC, SPSC & Other Tests

Islamic Studies Mcqs – (Islamiat) MCQs Latest For FPSC, PPSC, NTS, KPPSC, SPSC & Other Tests

Islamic Studies Mcqs - (Islamiat) MCQs Latest For FPSC, PPSC, NTS, KPPSC, SPSC & Other Tests
Islamic Studies Mcqs

Islamic Studies Mcqs “. Tab this page to check “Latest Islamic Studies MCQs” for the preparation of competitive mcqs, FPSC mcqs, PPSC mcqs, SPSC mcqs, KPPSC mcqs, AJKPSC mcqs, BPSC mcqs, NTS mcqs, PTS mcqs, OTS mcqs, Atomic Energy mcqs, Pak Army mcqs, Pak Navy mcqs, CTS mcqs, ETEA mcqs and others. The most occurred mcqs of Islamic Studies in past papers. Past papers of Islamic Studies mcqs. Past papers of Islamic Studies MCQs. Islamic Studies Mcqs are the necessary part of any competitive / job related exams. The Islamic Studies mcqs having specific numbers in any written test. It is therefore everyone have to learn / remember the related Islamic Studies mcqs. The Important series of Islamic Studies Mcqs are given below:

Hazrat ____________ is known as the first Dervish.

A. Abu Lahab
B. Abu Bakar
C. Abu Jehl
D. Zirr Ghaffari

First census of Islamic world in __________ period.

A. Usman’s
B. Umar’s
C. Abu Bakar’s
D. Ali’s

Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani is buried at ?

A. Tehran
B. Baitulmuqadas
C. Trablas
D. Baghdad

Surah means city of ?

A. Peace
B. Flower
C. Rocks
D. Refuge

________ Verses were reveled in the first wahy.

A. Six
B. Five
C. Four
D. Seven

Namaz commanded in quran for ______________ times.

A. 600
B. 500
C. 700
D. 800

Hazrat ____________ was the first Hafiz of the Holy Quran.

A. Hazrat  Umar (R.A.)
B. Hazrat Abu Bakar (R.A.)
C. Hazrat Usman (R.A.)
D. Hazrat Ali (R.A.)

Hazrat ___________ proposed the compilation of Holy Quran.

A. Usman
B. Umar
C. Abu Bakar
D. Ali

City of __________ is mentioned in Holy Quran.

A. Baghdad
B. Makkah
C. Rome
D. Tehran

Surah ___________ is known as Heart of Quran.

A. Ankaboot
B. Rahman
C. Falaq
D. Yaseen

Surah _________ is known as beauty of Quran.

A. Kausar
B. Rahman
C. Yaseen
D. Hujrat

Subject of Holy Quran is ?

A. Earth
B. Universe
C. Animal
D. Human

Hazrat ___________ accepted Islam first in Women.

A. Hafsa
B. Khadija
C. Amina
D. Ruqya

Hazrat ______________ accepted Islam first in Men.

A. Umar
B. Abu Bakar
C. Usman
D. Ali

At age of ___________ holy Prophet received first Wahi.

A. 39 Years
B. 38 Years
C. 40 Years
D. 41 Years

Hazrat ___________ was the foster mother of Holy Prophet.

A. Haleema
B. Summaya
C. Ruqya
D. Bushra

Prophet was born in ___________ Year of Elephant.

A. 1st
B. 3rd
C. 2nd
D. 4th

After ________ month at Madina the change of Qibla occurred.

A. 16
B. 15
C. 17
D. 18

Bait-e-Rizwan took place in ____________ Hijrah.

A. 7th
B. 6th
C. 5th
D. 8th

_________ Ghazawahs are described in Holy Quran.

A. 11
B. 10
C. 12
D. 13

__________ Prophets are mentioned in holy Quran.

A. 25
B. 24
C. 26
D. 27

In Holy Quran ____________ Surah start with the name of prophets.

A. 7
B. 6
C. 5
D. 8

There are _________ stages in Holy Quran.

A. 9
B. 7
C. 5
D. 11

Laws about Zina revealed in __________ A.H.

A. 3
B. 2
C. 4
D. 5

Laws about orphanage revealed in __________ A.H.

A. 4
B. 3
C. 2
D. 5

Laws about inheritance revealed in __________ A.H

A. 2
B. 1
C. 3
D. 4

The order of Hijab for women revealed in __________ A.H.

A. 5th
B. 4th
C. 3rd
D. 6th

Ablution made obligatory in _____________ A.H.

A. 6th
B. 5th
C. 4th
D. 7th

Interest was prohibited in _________ A.H.

A. 6th
B. 5th
C. 7th
D. 8th

Paradise is mentioned in Quran for_______ times.

A. 140
B. 130
C. 150
D. 160

Nation of Noah A.S worshiped _________ idols.

A. 4
B. 3
C. 5
D. 6

Ibrahim A.S remained in fire ________ days.

A. 45
B. 40
C. 35
D. 50

Ibrahim A.S was __________ years old when Ismael A.S was born.

A. 85
B. 84
C. 86
D. 87

Hazrat ____________ was the first who learnt to write.

A. Musa A.S
B. Idrees A.S
C. Ibrahim A.S
D. Haroon A.S

Hazrat Musa A.S was granted ________ miracles.

A. 7
B. 6
C. 8
D. 9

Hazrat _____________ was famous for his patience.

A. Musa A.S
B. Ayub A.S
C. Haroon A.S
D. Ibrahim A.S

Baitul Laham is the birth Place of Hazrat __________ is situated in Jerusalem.

A. Ibrahim A.S
B. Haroon A.S
C. Shoib A.S
D. Essa A.S

Prophet Hazrat ____________ has the title Najeeb Ullah

A. Noah A.S
B. Ibrahim A.S
C. Musa A.S
D. Dawood A.S

After _________ day’s continuous rain and storm the nation of Hood destroyed.

A. Five
B. Eight
C. Seven
D. Six

Yousuf A.S and Yaqoob A.S met each other after ________ years.

A. 45
B. 40
C. 35
D. 50

Nation of ____________ committed embezzlement in trusts.

A. Musa A.S
B. Haroon A.S
C. Shoib A.S
D. Essa A.S

who added 2nd Azan for friday prayers ?

A. Hazrat Umar (R.A)
B. Hazrat Abu Bakr (R.A)
C. Hazrat Usman (R.A)
D. Hazrat Ali (R.A)

Nation of hood destroyed by ______________?

A. Azaab of Mosquitoes
B. Continuous rain and Storm
C. Through Flood
D. A Dreadful Earthquak

What is the verbal meaning of word “islam”?

A. Confidence of Allah
B. Belief on Allah
C. Obedience of Allah
D. Worship of Allah

What is the literal meaning of islam is _________?

A. To obey
B. To bow down the neck
C. To have safty
D. All of these

in Islam Legislation refers to___________?

A. Both of them
B. Rules and Regulation for governing a nation
C. Islamic Laws relating to mutual relation of human beings
D. None of these

Islamic Studies Mcqs (01)

To which Prohpet Muslim Ummah Belongs?

A. Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)
B. Hazrat Ismaeel (A.S)
C. Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S)
D. Hazrat Yaqoob (A.S)

The pre-requisite to be a Muslim is?

A. Just understanding Kalimah
B. Just recitation of Kalimah
C. Both of these
D. None of these

From Which Word ‘Aqeeda’ is Derived?

A. Aqaid
B. Aqleed
C. Aqd
D. Taqleed

Basic Pillars of belief are________.

A. Six
B. Five
C. Four
D. Seven

Opposite of Tauheed is__________?

A. Idol
B. Ablees
C. Shirk
D. None of These

How many times command of erection of Namaz is given in the Quran?

A. 600 Times
B. 500 Times
C. 700 Times
D. 800 Times

On Which time the Holy Prohpet(PBUH) was gifted with Namaz?

A. Miraj
B. Ghazwa Badar
C. Hijrat
D. None of them

Five prayers were declared compulsory in?

A. 11th Nabvi
B. 10th Nabvi
C. 9th Nabvi
D. 12th Nabvi

Fajar, Zuhur, Asar, Maghrib and _________are compulsory salats?

A. Khasoof
B. Eid
C. Ishaa
D. Chasht

On the Judgment day first question will be about?

A. Zakat
B. Fast
C. Namaz
D. Hajj

The Maghrib Prayer is offered?

A. At noon
B. Before sunset
C. Just After the sun set
D. None of them

The part of prayer the Holy Prophet ﷺ did is called_____________?

A. Wajib
B. Farz
C. Nafl
D. Sunnat

Muslim must face in the direction of__________for Namaz?

A. Madina
B. Bait-ul-Maqadas
C. Khana-e-Kabah
D. East

How much Takbeers are recited by Moazin in Azan?

A. 8
B. 6
C. 4
D. 9

The Tasbeeh of Subhana Rabi-al-Azeem is recited in?

A. Qaada
B. Rakuh
C. Sajda
D. All of them

The Tasbeeh of Subhana Rabi-al-Alaa is recited in?

A. Sajda
B. Raku
C. jalsa
D. Qada

Salat-e-Istasqa is offered on the occasion of?

A. Shortage of Rain
B. Famin
C. Solar eclipse
D. None of them

Salat-e-istakhara is performed for?

A. Fear
B. Rain
C. Coming Hajat
D. Death

The Salat-e-Shukar is ______________?

A. Mustahab
B. Wajib
C. Nafl
D. Sunnah

To perform Salat-e-Istakhara is__________?

A. Mustahab
B. Nafl
C. Sunnah
D. Wajib

Name the Nafli Salat which can be Offered after sunrise till one fourth of the day?

A. Chasht
B. Ishraq
C. Tahajjud
D. Salat Tasbeeh

The Funeral prayer Namaz-e-Janaza is____________?

A. Sunnat
B. Fera-e-Ain
C. Farz-e-Kaffaya
D. Wajib

Four or Eight or Twelve Rakat offered in the late night is Called?

A. Witr
B. Salat-e-Tahajjud
C. Ishraq
D. Sunnah

Which prayer is performed while standing in lines?

A. Funeral
B. Kisoof
C. Rain
D. Nafl

The Namaz-e-Taraveeh can be offered between the Salats of?

A. Isha & Fajar
B. Asr & Isha
C. Zuhar & Maghrib
D. Maghrib & Asr

The Act of Shortening ones prayer while on journey is called?

A. Khusar
B. Wajib
C. Qasr
D. Sunnat

What is verbal meaning of Zakat?

A. To Purify
B. To adulteration
C. To Stained
D. None of These

What is the number of Zakat among Pillars?

A. Fourth
B. Third
C. Second
D. Fifth

In which Hijri year Zakat was imposed?

A. 2 Hajri
B. 4 Hajri
C. 3 Hajri
D. 5 Hajri

On which of the follwing Zakat money can be spent?

A. Non Muslims
B. Poor Muslims
C. Parents
D. None of Them

Falqaram (Nisab) for Camel is____________ Camels?

A. 8 Camels
B. 5 Camels
C. 4 Camels
D. 10 Camels

What is falqaram for goats?

A. 50 goats
B. 40 goats
C. 30 goats
D. 60 goats

On gold falqaram (nisab) is____________?

A. 7 1/2 Tolas
B. 9 1/2 Tolas
C. 8 1/2 Tolas
D. 10 1/2 Tolas

What is the Ratio of Zakat in grams on Silver approximately?

A. 405.40 grams of silver
B. 400 grams of silver
C. 500.12 grams of silver
D. 612.36 grams of silver

What is the Ratio of Zakat in grams on Gold approximately?

A. 74.23 grams of gold
B. 64.14 grams of gold
C. 87.48 grams of gold
D. 92.62 grams of gold

On silver falqaram is____________?

A. 54 Tolas
B. 52 1/2 Tolas
C. 50 Tolas
D. 55 Tolas

How many times order for Zakat came in Quran?

A. 40 times
B. 32 times
C. 20 times
D. 42 times

Which Khulifa-e-Rashid announced the war against the people who were unwilling to pay zakat?

A. Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddique (R.A)
B. Hazrat Usman Ghani (R.A)
C. Hazrat Umar Farooq (R.A)
D. Hazrat Ali (R.A)

Who said that Zakat is treasure of Islam?

A. Rasool Ullah (P.B.U.H)
B. Imam Abu Hanifa (R.A)
C. Hazrat Umar Farooq (R.A)
D. None of them

Verbal meaning of Hajj is____________?

A. To device
B. The will to visit
C. To repay
D. To permanence

In which Hijri year Hajj was made compulsory?

A. 10 Hijri
B. 9 Hijri
C. 8 Hijri
D. None of them

How many Hajj were performed by Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H)?

A. One
B. Three
C. Two
D. Four

In Which Hijri year Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) performed Hajj?

A. 9 Hijri
B. 8 Hajri
C. 10 Hijri
D. 11 Hijri

What is meant by Tawaaf?

A. To circle around Kaaba
B. Stay at Arafat
C. One attempt between safaa and Marwah
D. None of them

when was first Hajj performed by muslims

A. 9 Hajri
B. 11 Hijri
C. 10 Hijri
D. 8 Hijri

On which date throwing of stones is performed on Jumeraat?

A. 10th Zulhajj
B. 12th Zulhajj
C. 11th Zulhajj
D. 13th Zulhajj

Tell the number of Farz duties to be performed during Hajj?

A. 5
B. 4
C. 3
D. 7

To stay at Arafat is__________?

A. Farz
B. Sunnat
C. Wajib
D. Mustahib

Muzdalfa is situated_____________?

A. Not between stated above
B. Between Minna and Arafaat
C. Between Khana Kaaba and Minna
D. Between Safa and Minna

At the place of Muzdalfa on 9th Zulhajj, Which two prayer are performed together?

A. Asr and Maghrib
B. Maghrib and Eisha
C. Zohr and Asr
D. None of them

From where pabels for throwing on Jumerat are obtained?

A. Minna
B. Muzdalfa
C. Cave Sore
D. Arafaat

How much camels were sacrificed on the occasion of Hajj by Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H)?

A. 65 camels
B. 63 camels
C. 60 camels
D. 67 camels

Who performed first Hajj Bait-Ullah?

A. Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S) and Hazrat Hajira (A.S)
B. Hazrat Adam (A.S) and Hazrat Hawa (A.S)
C. Hazrat Ibrahim and Hazrat Ismail (A.S)
D. None of them

What is verbal meaning of divine revelation (Wahi)?

A. To point out or to give message
B. To order
C. To Talk
D. None of these

Islamic Studies Mcqs – (Islamiat) MCQs Latest For FPSC, PPSC, NTS, KPPSC, SPSC & Other Tests

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