” It will be difficult to ban matches and celebrations without spectators.”

Pakistani-born South African spinner Imran Tahir says it will be difficult to start cricket activities without spectators and due to the ban on players’ celebrations, but cricket activities have to start somewhere in the era of Code 19.

Imran Tahir, 41, was in Pakistan to play in the Pakistan Super League (PSL) for the Multan Sultans. The PSL was postponed due to the corona virus.

Imran Tahir was supposed to stay in Lahore for a few days with his siblings and close relatives but at the same time the air operation was suspended and Imran Tahir could not go to South Africa. Thus, Imran Tahir is still in Lahore and sometimes he is seen training with Pakistani cricketers in the local academy.

Imran Tahir, who has played 20 Tests, 107 ODIs and 38 T20I matches, says it is a difficult time for the world to go through due to the corona virus.

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The South African spinner says that a lot is changing with the corona virus, it seems that now we all have to stay with it for a while and adapt ourselves to it.

Imran Tahir said that sports activities have come to a standstill due to code 19 but now we have to take steps to start these activities from somewhere.

He said that there is talk now that there will be matches without spectators and some traditions and rules will have to be changed, it will be difficult but something will have to be done, it is a situation which But no one has control.

The league spinner said that there is a different atmosphere due to the spectators during the matches, now if the matches start without the spectators, it will seem strange, similarly it will be difficult to get into the habit of not celebrating in the matches.

Imran Tahir said that some people are very passionate and they do it naturally while some are normal but those who are very passionate will find it difficult to stop themselves from celebrating.

These days, there is a comparison between Pakistan ODI and T20 captain Babra Azam and India’s Virat Kohli.

In this regard, league spinner Imran Tahir said that the record of Babar Azam and Virat Kohli is in front of everyone, both the cricketers are very talented, I will call both of them world class cricketers.

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