Just a few minutes walk is also useful for the brain

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Just a few minutes walk is also useful for the brain

Sweden: It is now a well-known fact that exercise and brisk walking are very beneficial for the human brain. But now it is known that even a two minute walk can improve the brain and memory immediately.

Although only 13 students between the ages of 18 and 35 took part in it, the survey is statistically significant. On the other hand, experts have closely examined 13 investigations in other parts of the world. Previous research has shown that exercise and running increase the production of a protein in the brain called the brain-driven neurotrophic factor.

This protein on the one hand strengthens the memory and on the other hand increases our focus and concentration on any task. But now experts say they have found that just two minutes of cycling, running or brisk walking is good for the brain.

In this regard, experts from two Swedish universities, Junkoping and Linkoping University, have studied over a dozen people, but have also reviewed about 13 global studies

. When participants were asked to run for a few minutes or cycle, 15 unrelated words were tested within an hour. In this test, the performance of those who ran for two minutes or cycled was better.

This shows that even a modest amount of physical exercise can have a positive effect within an hour. After this research, university scientists have said that if you are busy, you can do aerobic exercise, or physical exercise several times a day, while taking a short walk can also increase your mental capacity.

Just a few minutes walk is also useful for the brain

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