More than 26 industries in Punjab are allowed to open from Monday

More than 26 industries in Punjab are allowed to open from Monday

Punjab government has given permission to open industries

The Punjab government has given permission to open more than 26 industries from Monday and also issued a notification.

The Punjab Department of Industry and Commerce has issued a notification for further easing of lockdown, under which more than 26 industries of the province have been allowed to reopen from Monday.

Provincial Minister for Commerce Mian Aslam Iqbal said that the notification has been issued with the approval of Punjab Chief Minister Usman Bazdar and regulations for related industries which will be strictly enforced.

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He said that in view of the economic situation, the Chief Minister has taken important decisions and the defense manufacturing industry has been allowed to operate.

According to the notification, power looms, food industry, flour mills, poultry feed mills and rice mills have been allowed across Punjab while livestock related businesses will also be opened.

The protective clothing, mask, glove manufacturing, storage, printing, packing, bicycle, motorcycle and car industries have also been opened up.

Manufacturers of milk and milk products, senators, soaps and tissue papers will also be allowed to work, while oil and gas production companies will also be allowed to operate.

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According to the notification, Pak-Arab Refinery Company, Fertilizer Factories, Production, Transportation, Storage, Tractors, Threshers, Harvesters were also allowed.

Seed, fertilizer, pesticide, animal feed shops will also be allowed to operate, the matchbox, LPG center, soda ash industry, mobile phone manufacturing companies, brick kilns, sand and gravel, cement and roofing factories will be open from tomorrow.

It may be recalled that the Punjab government has already relaxed the lockdown and allowed business and transport to open

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