More than 5,000 cases of corona confirmed in India, the number of patients in the world exceeded 4.7 million

The deadly corona virus has been battled around the world and no vaccine has yet been developed to eradicate it, bringing the number of infected people worldwide to over 4.7 million.

In the last 24 hours, 5,000 more cases of corona virus have been confirmed in India while 120 people have died.

The total number of corona patients in India has reached 90,927 while the total number of deaths has reached 2,872.

The growing number of corona cases in India has overtaken China to become the 11th most affected country in the world.

The United States remains at the top of the list of countries infected with the corona virus, with the total death toll at 90,113, according to new figures, while 1,57,773 people have been infected so far.

Italy has decided to ease sanctions following a steady decline in the number of coronavirus cases and deaths.

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Corona has so far killed 31,763 people and affected 224,885 in Italy.

It may be recalled that Italy was the first country in Europe to lock down the country in February after the number of Corona cases increased in the northern regions. Down began to soften.

The Hungarian capital, Bada Pest, has announced a relaxation of the lockdown from Monday.

According to foreign reports, the lockdown was relaxed in other parts of Hungary two weeks ago, while the curfew was relaxed in rural areas.

In Hungary, shops will be allowed to open from Monday, as well as restaurants, parks, chads or houses, playgrounds will be opened.

According to the Hungarian government, it is mandatory to wear a mask and keep a social distance of one and a half meters.

In Hungary, 451 patients have died from the corona virus so far, while the number of infected people is 3,509.

Meanwhile, the lockdown in Zimbabwe has been extended indefinitely and in this regard, the President of Zimbabwe said that the lockdown will be reviewed every two weeks.

In Zimbabwe, four people have died from Corona so far, while the number of cases is 42, which is much lower than other countries.

On the other hand, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, while announcing Al-Quds Day rallies and Eid-ul-Fitr gatherings in the country, said that Eid prayer gatherings would be held across the country.

Corona virus has so far infected 118,392 people in Iran, while the death toll is 6,937.

The number of patients infected with the corona virus worldwide has reached 4.722 million, of which more than 1.81 million have been cured and more than 313,000 have died.

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