More than 99,000 cases of Corona in a single day, more than 5 million patients in the world

More than 99,000 more corona cases were reported worldwide in a single day, bringing the total to more than 590,000.

A total of 329,731 people have died from the global pandemic in the world due to corona, of which more than 94,900 deaths have been reported in the United States.

Corona has so far affected more than 1.593 million people in the United States, while Russia ranks second in the world with 388,000 patients.

More than 21,000 more cases were reported in Brazil in a single day, after which the Latin American country ranked third in the world with more than 293,000 patients. The death toll in Brazil also reached 18,894.

The number of patients in India has crossed 112,000, while the total number of deaths has risen to 3,438 after the death of 132 more people.

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The situation is improving in Spain, Italy and Germany, while the number of patients in Saudi Arabia has risen to 62,000.

The death toll from Corona in the UK has risen to more than 35,000, with 32,330 in Italy, 27,888 in Spain and 28,132 in France.

So far, more than 590,000 people worldwide have been infected with Corona, of which 329,732 have died and 2,024,231 have recovered.

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