New ban on teachers

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New ban on teachers

New ban on teachers
New Ban on Teachers

Bad news for teachers across Punjab, mutual exchanges banned, Punjab Teachers Union threatens to protest against non-withdrawal of orders.

The Department of School Education has banned teacher transfers. Under the new policy, only teachers who have been posted in a school for more than a year will be eligible for reciprocal transfers. Teachers posted for less than one year have been declared ineligible for reciprocal transfers. gone

According to sources, applications for transfer of hundreds of teachers who did not meet the existing merit have been rejected. Teachers have demanded a review of the policy from school education. Punjab Teachers Union says that if the policy is not relaxed, they will protest.

In addition, the Department of School Education has decided to change the policy regarding the recruitment of teachers. The next recruitment of teachers will be done on a temporary basis instead of on a permanent basis. There is an urgent need for 70,000 teachers in schools across the province. The new recruitments will be on a one-to-two-year contract basis only, and teachers’ contracts will not be extended due to poor performance.

On the other hand, fed up with the poor departmental policies of the School Education Department, more than 25,000 teachers across Punjab have applied for early retirement. About 250 teachers from Lahore have also applied for early retirement.

New ban on teachers

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