New Materials And Construction MCQs – Latest Competitive Chemical Engineering MCQs

New Materials And Construction MCQs – Latest Competitive Chemical Engineering MCQs

This post is comprising of latest ” Materials And Construction MCQs – Latest Competitive Chemical Engineering MCQs “. Here you’ll get latest mechanical engineering mcqs for written test, interview with answers. If you want to improve your knowledge regarding mechanical engineering then read these mcqs of Design of Steel Structures.

Latest Chemical Engineering MCQs

By practicing these MCQs of Chemical Materials And Construction MCQs – Latest Competitive Chemical Engineering MCQs , an individual for exams performs better than before. This post comprising of mechanical engineering objective questions and answers related to Materials And Construction Mcqs “. As wise people believe “Perfect Practice make a Man Perfect”. It is therefore practice these mcqs of mechanical engineering to approach the success. Tab this page to check “Chemical Materials And Construction Mcqs” for the preparation of competitive mcqs, FPSC mcqs, PPSC mcqs, SPSC mcqs, KPPSC mcqs, AJKPSC mcqs, BPSC mcqs, NTS mcqs, PTS mcqs, OTS mcqs, Atomic Energy mcqs, Pak Army mcqs, Pak Navy mcqs, CTS mcqs, ETEA mcqs and others.

Latest Materials And Construction Mcqs

The most occurred mcqs of Materials And Construction in past papers. Past papers of Materials And Construction Mcqs. Past papers of Materials And Construction Mcqs . Mcqs are the necessary part of any competitive / job related exams. The Mcqs having specific numbers in any written test. It is therefore everyone have to learn / remember the related Materials And Construction Mcqs. The Important series of Materials And Construction Mcqs are given below:

For handling sulphuric acid of 95% strength, the suitable material of construction for pipes is__________________?

A. Aluminium
B. Cast iron
C. Stainless steel
D. Nickel

Coke oven walls are lined with _____________ bricks?

A. Silica
B. Fire clay
C. Low thermal conductivity
D. Tar-dolomite

Pick out the wrong statement?

A. Metal/alloys having body centred cubic (bcc) crystal lattice structure is stronger & less ductile than those having face centred cubic (fcc) crystal lattice structure
B. Metal/alloys having hexagonal crystal lattice structure are less malleable than those having cubic crystal lattice structure
C. Tungsten has a body centred cubic (bcc) crystal lattice structure
D. Both ferritic & austenitic stainless steel has a face centred cubic (fcc) crystal structure

Metal at the top of the electromotive series is________________?

A. Most stable
B. Least active
C. Most active
D. Most noble

Hydrocyanic acid is not shipped in______________?

A. Cast iron vessels
B. Aluminium containers
C. Steel cylinders
D. Monel drums

Polythene (low or high density) containers are not corroded by___________________?

A. Sulphuric acid (10%) at room temperature
B. Sulphur trioxide at 60°C
C. Nitric acid (95%) at room temperature
D. Any of these

The process of coating steel sheets by zinc to improve its corrosion resistance is called___________________?

A. Zincification
B. Galvanising
C. Calorising
D. Tempering

Trough of an apron conveyor is made of___________________?

A. Lead lined concrete vessel
B. Metal
C. Wood
D. Either B. or C.

Maximum consumption of copper is in__________________?

A. Small scale industries
B. Electrical industry
C. Industrial equipment manufacture
D. Utensil manufacture

Carbon supply in pack carburising process is in the form of_____________________?

A. Charcoal
B. Hydrocarbon oil
C. Calcium carbide
D. Graphite

Cast iron vessels are not suitable for the storage of_________________?

A. H2SO4 (fuming)
B. H2SO4 (95%) at room temperature
C. Freon
D. Wet SO2

Which has the maximum melting point out of the following ?

A. Cast iron
B. Steel
C. Stainless steel
D. Wrought iron

Hardened steel is softened by___________________?

A. Annealing
B. Tempering
C. Normalising
D. Carburising

The ‘bomb’ in the bomb calorimeter is made of___________________?

A. Molybdenum stainless steel
B. Copper
C. High silicon iron (14% Si)
D. Mild steel

Softening of hardened steel is done by its_____________________?

A. Annealing
B. Tempering
C. Normalising
D. Carburising

_____________________ is used for determining the tensile strength of steels ?

A. Mechanical press
B. Universal testing machine
C. Hydraulic press
D. None of these

For storing water and acid free benzol, use a ______________ vessel?

A. Steel
B. Stainless steel
C. Karbate
D. None of these

Gas holder of a gobar (cow-dung) gas plant is made of___________________?

A. Tin
B. Molybdenum stainless steel
C. Mild steel
D. Aluminium

Copper is dissolved from its ore by H2SO4 in a percolation tank made of_________________?

A. Stainless steel
B. Wood
C. Reinforced concrete lined with lead
D. High silicon iron (14% Si)

Addition of ______________ in steel is helpful in increasing the depth of hardness?

A. Chromium
B. Vanadium
C. Sulphur
D. Tungsten

Addition of nickel to copper improves its_________________?

A. Ductility
B. Machinability
C. Strength
D. Hardness

Materials And Construction Mcqs

Clock pendulums are usually made of _______________ steel?

A. Stainless
B. High speed
C. Heat resisting
D. None of these

A chemical change takes place when iron_____________?

A. Rusts
B. Is heated
C. Melts
D. None of these

Polymerisation reactor used for the production of styrene butadiene rubber (SBR) is made of__________________?

A. Karbate
B. Stainless steel or glass lined vessel
C. Cast iron
D. Wrought iron

_______________ does not contain tin as an alloying material?

A. Brass
B. Solder
C. Pewter
D. Babbitt metal

Cast iron is a ______________ material?

A. Brittle
B. Tough
C. Ductile
D. Malleable

Presence of even 0.005% of _____________ in copper makes it highly brittle, rendering it useless for wire-drawing?

A. Arsenic
B. Oxygen
C. Antimony
D. Bismuth

_____________ is added in low carbon steel to raise its yield point?

A. Phosphorous
B. Sulphur
C. Silicon
D. Manganese

Age hardening is concerned with_________________?

A. Brass
B. Copper
C. Duralumin
D. Silver

Thermosetting polymers are_________________?

A. Extruded
B. Cast molded
C. Injection moulded
D. None of these

A material is called ‘ductile’, if it can be__________________?

A. Drawn into wires
B. Fractured without deformation
C. Hammered to a thin sheet
D. Made lustrous by heating it

A material capable of undergoing large permanent deformation, when subjected to tension is termed as___________________?

A. Brittle
B. Ductile
C. Friable
D. None of these

Corrosion involves exchange of electrons in ____________ corrosion?

A. Electrochemical
B. Chemical
C. Both A. & B.
D. Neither A. nor B.

Brass tubes are used in the manufacture of tubes of evaporators used in sugar and salt industries, mainly because of its ______________________?

A. Low thermal conductivity
B. High co-efficient of thermal expansion
C. High corrosion resistance
D. All A., B. and C.

The main constituent of carborundum is ___________________ carbide?

A. Boron
B. Silicon
C. Calcium
D. Aluminium

Carbon tetrachloride can be stored in a storage vessel made of________________?

A. Tin
B. High silicon iron (14% Si)
C. Stainless steel
D. All A., B. and C.

Approximate value of the modulus of elasticity for steel is about _____________ × 106kg/cm2?

A. 40
B. 2
C. 0.5
D. 75

Which of the following is the softest material ?

A. Corundum
B. Calcite
C. Quartz
D. Fluorite

Straight silicon steel (containing Si from 0.5 to 5%) because of their low hysteresis loss and high magnetic permeability are used for electrical appliances. Which of the following electrical appliances made of silicon steel contains maximum percentage of silicon (about 4%) ?

A. Generators and small motors
B. Armature of small motors/generators
C. Induction motors
D. High frequency transformers

Mercury is transported in metal containers made of________________?

A. Lead
B. Iron
C. Aluminium
D. Nickel

Teflon (PTFE) is corroded by_______________?

A. Hydrochloric acid (10%)
B. Sulphuric acid
C. Hydrochloric acid (95%)
D. None of these

Liners of a ball mill are never made of__________________?

A. Lead
B. Cast iron
C. Rubber or ceramic material
D. Alloy steel

Which of the following undergoes granular fracture ?

A. Cast iron
B. Steel
C. Wrought iron
D. None of these

Reactor used in the production of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is made of____________________?

A. Nickel or glass lined steel
B. Tantalum
C. Aluminium
D. Lead

Presence of manganese in alloy steel improves its___________________?

A. Cutting ability
B. Corrosion resistance
C. Abrasion resistance & toughness
D. Elasticity & creep resistance

Which of the following is not shipped in mild steel containers ?

A. Ammonia
B. Acetone
C. Ethyl alcohol
D. Formic acid

Ceramic materials fabrication cannot be done by__________________?

A. Welding
B. Extrusion
C. Slip casting
D. Plastic pressing

Steel rods are used in reinforced concrete to increase its ______________ strength?

A. Compressive
B. Tensile
C. Shear
D. None of these

The loss of strength in compression which occurs, when there is a gain of strength in tension due to over loading is called__________________?

A. Bauschinger effect
B. Hysteresis
C. Hooke’s effect
D. Relaxation

A measure of toughness of a material is its________________?

A. Ultimate strength
B. Yield strength
C. Percentage elongation
D. Area under stress-strain diagram

Neutraliser tank used for reacting nitric acid with ammonia for the production of ammonium nitrate is made of________________?

A. Copper
B. Stainless steel
C. High silicon (14%) iron
D. Aluminium

Which of the following is produced by condensation polymerisation ?

A. Bakelite
B. Polystyrene
C. Poly vinyl chloride
D. Polythene

Tin in its pure form is used for making_______________?

A. Foil for wrapping cheese
B. Collapsible tubes for toilet preparations
C. Cans for food packing
D. All A., B. and C.

Nuclear Power Engineering Mcqs

Thermoplastic resins are those polymers, which____________________?

A. Cannot be moulded
B. Has decreased plasticity at increasing temperature
C. Easily deform under pressure at high temperature
D. None of these

Maximum carbon content in any variety of steel can be upto 1.3%. Steel containing 0.4% Carbon is not used for making___________________?

A. Bolts
B. Nuts
C. Chisels
D. Studs

Centrifugal pump made of pyrex or glass can’t be used to pump___________________?

A. Brine
B. Alkaline solutions
C. Dilute H2SO4 at room temperature
D. Milk and fruit juices

Monel metal is an alloy of__________________?

A. Molybdenum and aluminium
B. Nickel and copper
C. Molybdenum and nickel
D. Molybdenum and zinc

Which of the following is a low melting point metal ?

A. Wrought iron
B. Stainless steel
C. Tin
D. Copper

Brass container is suitable for storing__________________?

A. H2SO4 (95%)
B. Beer
C. Aqueous ammonia
D. Phosphoric acid (95%)

Chilled iron castings are__________________?

A. Soft on surface
B. Easily machinable
C. Highly wear resistant
D. None of these

Stainless steel contains_________________?

A. Chromium and nickel
B. Aluminium
C. Copper
D. Vanadium

Slow plastic deformation of metals under a constant stress is termed as _____________ failure?

A. Endurance
B. Fatigue
C. Creep
D. None of these

Which is the purest form of iron ?

A. Wrought iron
B. Bessemer iron
C. Pig iron
D. Grey iron

Which of the following crystal structures characterises the ferritic stainless stee l?

A. Simple hexagonal
B. Body centred cubic
C. Face centred cubic
D. None of these

Which of the following is not an alloy of copper ?

A. Admiralty gun metal
B. Muntz metal
C. German silver
D. Pewter metal

Corrosion resisting properties of cast iron are significantly improved by the addition of 12 – 15% of___________________?

A. Vanadium
B. Tungsten
C. Silicon
D. All A., B. & C.

The hardest material just prior to diamond in Mhos scale is_________________?

A. Carborundum
B. Topaz
C. Corundum
D. Calcite

Carbon is present in the combined form (carbide) in case of______________________?

A. Steel
B. Pig iron
C. Ferroalloys
D. All A., B. & C.

Polymorphism is not exhibited by______________________?

A. Iron
B. Carbon
C. Phosphorous
D. None of these

Gun metal is an alloy of_________________________?

A. Copper, phosphorus and nickel
B. Copper, tin and zinc
C. Nickel, tin and copper
D. Manganese, phosphorus and nickel

Metalloid is_______________________?

A. An element, which exhibits the properties of both metal & non metal
B. An alloy
C. Highly electronegative in nature
D. All A., B. & C.

Tin coating on metals is not done by_____________________?

A. Hot dipping
B. Powder metallurgy
C. Spraying
D. Electro-deposition

Fluid Mechanics Mcqs

_____________ iron is produced, when molten pig iron is chilled suddenly?

A. White cast
B. Wrought
C. Grey cast
D. None of these

Steel will respond to hardening by heat treatment processes, only when the minimum carbon content in it is _____________ percent?

A. 0.35
B. 0.2
C. 0.02
D. 0.5

Which of the following is the most prone to atmospheric corrosion ?

A. Tin
B. Iron
C. Silver
D. Copper

Which of the following is the hardest material ?

A. Quartz
B. Topaz
C. Corundum
D. Fluorite

Cast iron compared to steel is better in__________________?

A. Strength
B. Fluidity & castability
C. Ductility
D. Malleability

_____________ moulding process cannot be used for thermoplastic plastics?

A. Extrusion
B. Compression
C. Injection
D. None of these

Which of the following metals in not used for coating of the base metal to guard it against corrosion ?

A. Cadmium
B. Lead
C. Magnesium
D. Aluminium

Cast iron detachable joint is used in __________ pipes.

A. Steel
B. Asbestos cement
C. Cast iron
D. Reinforced cement concrete

Presence of even very minute amount (say 0.1%) of ______________ in copper, reduces its electrical conductivity very seriously?

A. Bismuth
B. Antimony
C. Arsenic
D. Both B. and C.

Muntz metal is a/an alloys of____________________?

A. Ferrous material
B. Magnesium & tin
C. Lead & tin
D. Copper & zinc

Hastelloy comprises of____________________?

A. Copper and nickel
B. Copper and tin
C. Molybdenum and nickel
D. Lead and tin

Carbon content in steel is ___________________ percent?

A. 0.1-2
B. 2-4
C. 4-6
D. 0.001-0.01

Which of the following is the most suitable material of construction for evaporator & its tubes for concentrating NaOH solution to 70% ?

A. Steel
B. Cast iron
C. Nickel
D. Karbate

Iron alloyed with carbon upto 2% is called___________________?

A. Wrought iron
B. Pig iron
C. High carbon steel
D. None of these

Mild steel is a/an ______________ steel?

A. Low carbon
B. High carbon
C. Medium carbon
D. High alloy

Amount of energy that a material can absorb before its fracture is a measure of its _________________?

A. Toughness
B. Malleability
C. Resilience
D. Ductility

Visco-elastic behaviour of materials which is time dependent is common in______________?

A. Crystalline solid
B. Plastics
C. Non-crystalline solids
D. Non-crystalline organic polymer

Steel balls for ball bearings are generally made of ______________ steel?

A. Stainless
B. Cast
C. Free carbon
D. Carbon chrome

The damage/deterioration of metals by the ______________ action of fluids is called ‘erosion’?

A. Abrasive
B. Corrosive
C. Both of the above
D. Neither of the above

The most distinguished property of malleable cast iron is its high_________________?

A. Ductility
B. Malleability
C. Hardness
D. None of these

A metallic alloy in which one of the constituent metal is _____________, is called an amalgam?

A. Lead
B. Mercury
C. Zinc
D. Tin

Which of the following is the most widely used insulating material for st Vermiculite eam carrying pipelines ?

A. Vermiculite
B. Glass wool and 85% magnesia
C. Ceramic fibre blanket
D. Slag wool

Steel pipes are normally manufactured by ______________ process?

A. Extrusion
B. Forging
C. Cold working
D. Electroforming

Duriron is__________________?

A. High silicon iron
B. Acid resistant, brittle and very hard
C. Prone to breakage due to thermal expansion because of its very high co-efficient of thermal expansion
D. All A., B. and C.

The material of construction of bearings is__________________?

A. Pig iron
B. Babbitt metal
C. Cast iron
D. Steel

Very high sulphur in pig iron makes ___________________?

A. Its casting unsound
B. Its brittle and malleable
C. Its hard and machinable
D. All A., B. & C.

White cast iron as compared to grey cast iron is ________________?

A. Very brittle
B. More durable
C. Very hard
D. All A., B. & C.

Brine solution is stored/treated in _______________ lined vessels/pipes?

A. Lead
B. Rubber
C. Glass
D. Nickel

New Materials And Construction MCQs – Latest Competitive Chemical Engineering MCQs

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