Online classes begin at Universities on June 1: Exams will be taken online

begin Online classes in Universities from June 01 along-with Online Exams
HEC decided to begin Online classes in Universities from June 01 along-with Online Exams

A meeting of the Higher Education Commission was held today under the chairmanship of HEC through Video link in which it was unanimously decided that all the universities would start online classes from June 1. The meeting further decided that if the lockdown situation persists, the universities will conduct their own online exams. HEC Chairman Dr. Tariq Banuri said that examination is an integral part of any education system so we cannot cancel it.

All universities are directed to start online classes. All universities in Pakistan have also been provided with guidelines on how to conduct online examinations. The new semester will also begin on September 15. Dr. Tariq Banuri (HEC Chairman) said that the main purpose of the examinations is to reward the hard work of the students so that it proves to be a success in their future.

When the chairman of higher education was asked what he had to say about passing students without exams, he replied, “Exams and assessments are an integral part of the teaching and learning process.” Efforts to eliminate exams will be severely hampered by academic standards and student success.”

The HEC has also decided in today’s meeting that admission in universities will be based on matriculation and first year marks as the Intermediate Part 2 examinations have been canceled.

All students are advised to continue preparing for their exams as HEC has made it clear in today’s meeting that online classes will be conducted in universities. And online exams can also be conducted depending on the situation.

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