Pakistan decides to ban popular children’s game “Pub G”

Pakistan decides to ban popular children’s game “Pub G”

Pub G Would Be Ban Soon in Pakistan

The decision to ban the popular children’s game “Pub G” in Pakistan, PTA will submit a report to the Lahore High Court in six weeks regarding the ban on the game.

According to the details, the Lahore High Court sought a report from the PTA within six weeks regarding the ban on the popular game “Pub G” among children and adults in Pakistan. With the negative effects on the personality of children, an element of extremism is being created in them, so it should be banned immediately.

Advocate Mohammad Khalid Khan says that children who play PubG games are also losing their decision-making power. The children say that there are disadvantages to playing any game, so only pubs should not be banned. Dr. Idrees Rana, a consultant to the United Nations, says that the features of the PubG game are so good that children cannot keep in touch with their parents and friends, which causes them a lot of mental problems.

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Experts say that playing PubG games is irritating children and their creativity is being severely affected, so PubGG games should be removed from the Play Store immediately.

Earlier, a petition was filed in the Lahore High Court seeking closure of the video sharing application Tik Tak. Advocate Nadeem Sarwar had filed a petition in the Lahore High Court seeking ban on the app. The federal government, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and PEMRA have been made parties in the petition. The petitioner has taken the position that the Tik Tak mobile app is destroying the young generation.

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