Punjab government decides to reduce education budget by 50%

Punjab government decides to reduce education budget by 50%

Decrease in Educational Budget 2020

In the financial crisis in Punjab, the budget for the education sector will be reduced by 50% in the new financial year. In the new financial year 2020-21, it is proposed to allocate Rs 134 billion in the development budget for four departments related to education in Punjab.

According to the sources, due to the financial crisis, the government has suggested allocating less budget in the education sector. The school education department will get development budget up to Rs 12 billion instead of Rs 50 billion and the higher education department will get only Rs 15 billion instead of Rs 40 billion.

Sources said that the Department of Special Education will get Rs 1 billion and the Department of Literacy will get Rs 7 billion.

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On the other hand, the Punjab government has contacted the Prime Minister’s Secretariat. The provincial finance minister will brief Prime Minister Imran Khan today on the financial crisis in the wake of the Corona virus situation. Will also be with them.

The meeting will be briefed about the financial crisis facing Punjab, the difficulties arising after Corona and the difficulties in preparing the budget for the next financial year. The provincial government will take up the matter of payment of its NFC share with the Prime Minister.

It may be recalled that the Punjab government has started preparations for Budget 21-2020, the Finance Minister has initiated consultation process with various stakeholders, a development budget of Rs 350 billion will be presented this year. Reliance on the private sector will be increased instead of creating authority.

The budget will give a chance to the private sector instead of setting up an authority at the government level, while the government is considering a return from applicants instead of five for ease of doing business, the proposal said. Stakeholders have also been assured by the Punjab government to remove obstacles to development.

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