Refusal to reduce flour price, flour mills closed in 3 provinces

Refusal to reduce flour price, flour mills closed in 3 provinces

Temporary Shortage of Flour from the Market

Lahore: Flour Mills Association refuses to reduce flour prices, closes flour mills in Punjab, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

According to the media,the strike against the raids of district administration and food department of flour mills is going on while the talks between Pakistan Flour Mills Association and Food Secretary Waqas Ali Mahmood regarding the strike also failed.

After a detail discussion, Food Secretary Waqas Ali Mahmood said that flour mills have been asked to sell a 20 kg bag of flour for Rs 805 but the mill owners have refused to reduce the price of flour.

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On the other hand, Chairman Flour Mills Association Punjab Abdul Rauf Mukhtar said that at present the price of wheat has reached Rs. 1600 per quintal. He demanded that the government lift the ban on transportation of wheat from flour mills across the province and stop harassment and raids by mill management owners.

Asim Raza, chairman of Flour Mills Association, said that the district administration and the food department should stop raids on mills in Punjab and lift the ban on free purchase and transportation of wheat in Naseerabad division of Balochistan. The strike will continue till the raids on the mills are stopped.

According to reports, flour mills across Punjab have stopped threshing wheat and supplying flour to the market. No, there are three to four days’ worth of flour on the market.

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