Registration of Corona Relief Tiger Force Start From 31 March

Registration of Corona Relief Tiger Force Start From 31 March

Corona Relief Tiger Force

Registration of Corona Relief Tiger Force start from 31 March 2020, which were announced on Saturday by Youth Affairs Ministry. Ministry of Youth Affairs share their views that citizens can join from all over the Pakistan volunteer for the Corona Relief Tiger Force through PM Office portal. Interested candidates should filled out a digital form availbale on 31, March 2020.

Registration of Corona Relief Tiger Force

Those applicants having interest to be part of this Corona Tiger Force may folllow the following conditions and fill their complete information which are given below:

1Full Name
2Minimum Age (18)
3Phone / Contact Number
4Union Council
Application Form of Corona Relief Tiger Force

Ministry of Youth Afairs added, all the candidates must have minimum age of 18 to apply here. They also shared their views that the Force work will be ended on April, 10. Ministry of Youth Affairs have been started their work from the day PM Imran Khan announced.

Corona Tiger Force Application Form

According to authentic sources, they also said that volunteers those are member of any party can participate by registering themselves through PM Citizen Portal. As there is situation of lockdown everywhere in Pakistan, the force will help and follow the instruction by Deputy Commission to distribute food and also identify the hoarding.

اپلا ئی کرنے کا مکمل طریقہ

How to Apply Online in Corona Relief Tiger Force

Registration of Corona Tiger Force
1Interested candidates can apply Online by filling their application Pakistan Citizen Portal
2Only online applications are acceptable.
How to Apply Online in Corona Tiger Force

Prime Minister Imran Khan decided to help his Nation by creating a Corona Tiger Force. The Force will help poor people by providing them food and everything so that their problems can be solved as much they do. The members of Corona Tiger Force will gather information regarding the suspected cases of quarantine centres.

Corona Tiger Force Distribute Food to Poor

All the members of Corona Relief Tiger Force will be work under the supervision lf their concenred Deputy Commissioner. They have to follow the instructions given by Deputy Commissioner. No one will be commanded rather their respective Officer, Minister said.

Corona Tiger Force Latest Updates

Youth Ministry said that all the Deputy Commissioner can share their data with each by communicating with each other. The digital mechanism has been developed to help each other through PM Citizen Portal.

Corona Tiger Force In All Over Pakistan

Prime Minister Imran said that, Coronavirus have been spread in everywhere [all countries] and they are helping their people by delivering food at their door. It is therefore, we are also going to start a force named as corona relief tiger forces which helps people to provide them food in situation of lockdown.

Latest Updates of Corona Relief Tiger Force
Registration of Corona Relief Tiger Force Start From 31 March

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      1. Salam sir
        I am trying to Open the citizen Portal App but its giving error again and again
        Can you kindly fix the Problem
        Thank you

      2. Sir,continuously there is error problem .plz sir fix this problem…Make easier for us to register for tigers of nation

      3. app se behter h ao direct form dede app to bilkul b kam nh kr rhi m pichle 5 ghntoo se try kr rha hn abi tk register nh hwa koi response nh ho rha server ki trf se plzzzz solve this issue fast

      4. Aslam o alaikum
        I want to apply this job and I am ready but this software city portal create problem how I can apply please fix this problem? Kindly thank you

    1. Assalamo Alaikum!
      Me apply for tiger forcei am ready me 18*, but an unknown error show the answer is citizen app the server not respone ..
      Can yoy plz help me

      1. Sir kasi app bnai ha yha back word are ka youth apply e nh kr sk rha ha server error ja rha ha me bhakkar sa hn r hum purjosh thy ic tiger force ko lay kr lakin ic server ko dhk kr dill khrab horha ha ya to ya Jan buj k kiya ja rha ha agr asa nh ha to koi r mutbadil rasta nikalna chiya apko Shukriya

  1. As salamoalikum sir me bhe tiger Force join karna chata ho plzz join me my name ishtiuaq khan my contact number 03152185553 hayderabad see ho thanks Sir

  2. Sir kasy Apply krna ha mae be Tiger force join krna chahta hu. mari age 23 ha or me Lahore sy hu. Urdu, English typist be hu. i want to become a part of Tiger force. I have no job still. my num 03074296937

  3. I have applied and it directly go to citizen portal app.
    and i have fullfilled all the fields present in it confim to me that my registration is completed.

  4. According to PM announcement for Corona Tiger Force Team. I am ready to join this task force team. I am a Supply Chain Specialist have done MBA on supply Chain Management, along with Gulshan-e-Iqbal Town.

  5. اسلام علیکم
    میں انشاءاللّه پوری طرح سے تیار ہوں اپنی قوم اپنے محلاداروں اور غریب انسانوں کے لئے ٹائیگر ٹیم کا حصہ بننے کے لئے انشاءاللّه

  6. In Shaa Allah I’m agree to join corona relief Tiger Force apne watan Pakistan k liye Jan b hazir ha, Rana Muhammad Ejaz Umber, Gujranwala.

  7. aslam o alaikum sir maine citizen portel download kiya hai but mobile num verify ni ho ra kiya krun 0315 4777649 or 0307 4053303 2no e ni ho rahe

  8. Aslam o alaikum sir i have downloaded the Notizen Portal App But its giving me error again and again that the Server is Not responding try Kater i have tried it many times

  9. I want to apply for corona relief tiger force please advise how i can apply on citizen portal.
    My contact# 03014615808

  10. Yes i m raedy to join this force but i am facing a roblem on portal plzz any body help me to solve the problem of no response of server

  11. Yes i am ready to join tiger force.
    But I have been trying since yesterday, no message came on Citizen portal

    1. Ali Hassan from Chiniot.
      92 333 9793149

      Yes Iam Agree & ready for the part of Corona Relief Tiger Force.

    1. sir i also want to be a part of this force but ur online services doeesnot work perfectly its gives error repeat and repeat so plz help us to fix this bug

  12. Sir main kafi time say esi ka wait kr raha tha k kesy apny logo ki madad ki Jay sir yah moka aaya hai toh plz I request you sir k mujhy ek moka diya Jay I give you my best name umer Rajput age 20 3rd year ka student hun 03067404801 personal and WhatsApp number sir kindly add me

  13. Citizen portal app py server error a raha hy
    19 years
    P/o khas basti Chohan tehsil hasilpur district bahawalpur

  14. Citizen portal sy error a rha h
    Syed Ali Imran naqvi
    Age 22
    P/o Sharaqpur sharief tehsil sharaqpur sharief district Sheuqpura

  15. Sir i want to participate corona relief tiger but citizen portal don’t give response if anyone guide me I’m very thankful to him

  16. kay ya sab mzak ha rat 12 bjya say citizen apps ko open kar kar ka thak gyia hu agr ya force sch ma ban rehi hi to plz eska jo asan treeka ha wo bata dyia jya mharbani ho gye

  17. Yes!! we all have to be one nation now.This is the best time to help needy and poor around you.We have to be strong and fearless.Yes we are definitely ready to fight against coronavirus.

  18. Ye Force ki registratoin its seems like a joke you ( gobernment ) is just wasting our time . Koi aisi Force banane se pahle haar chez ko pahle se theek hona chahye hai ham subha se citizen Portal khol rahe hai bar bar error dy raha hai
    Is masle ko pahle haal kar ly kindly

  19. I’m Sohail Sabir
    I’m trying to register on citizen portal but unfortunate Not working plz Give us working app we want join with Tiger force thanks

  20. اسلام علیکم !
    قابل احترام وزیر اعظم
    میں آپ سے ایک گزارش کرنا چاہتا ہوں میں medical representative ہوں اور پچھلے 12 سال سے ایک پرائیویٹ کمپنی میں کام کر رہا ہوں اور میری طرح قصور شہر کے 1500 کے قریب لڑکے میڈیکل کمپنیز میں ارسا دراز سے کام کر کے اپنے خاندان کا پیٹ پال رہے ہیں۔۔۔
    سر آپ سے گزارش ہے ملک کے حالات جس طرح سے چل رہے ہیں ہم لوگ تب سے گھر میں محصور ہو کر رہ گئے ہیں
    براے کرم ہم سب لوگوں کو corona tiger force کا حصہ بنا کر ہمیں اس ملک اور شہر کے لئے کچھ کرنے کا موقع دیں انشاءاللّه ہم آخری سانس تک اس ملک کا ساتھ دیں گے ہر ممکن کوشش کریں گے کے ہوں کسی بھی حد تک اپنے شہر کے لوگوں کا کچھ کریں گے انشاءاللّه
    اللّه پاک اس دنیا اور پاکستان کے تمام لوگوں کا حامیو ناصر ہو اللّه کریم آپ کی بھی مدد کرے اور آپ کو ہمت دے اس کرونا جیسی جنگ سے لڑنے کی آمین

  21. bhI BIKUL Bkwas system chal raha hy citzen petro not responding prime minestr bas chnda dy do or takrer sun lo
    is k alwa kuch nhi lagta 10 april tak reg tab tak loog marna shruo ho jawein gay bhai allah sy bdua karo allah behtrein madad karny wala hy

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