Sindh government announces to open sealed markets in Karachi, deadlock over extension of time

Sindh government announces to open sealed markets in Karachi, deadlock over extension of time

Reopening of Sealed Markets in Sindh

Small traders have announced to open shopping malls across the city even after Iftar from today despite not getting permission from the government in Karachi.

On the other hand, the Sindh government has announced the reopening of sealed markets, but the deadlock remains over opening business centers for a long time and allowing shopping malls.

According to details, provincial ministers Saeed Ghani, Imtiaz Sheikh and Commissioner Karachi Iftikhar Shalawani, who were part of the government team during the talks at the commissioner’s office in Karachi on Sunday, acknowledged a demand to open only sealed markets and clarified that markets cannot be allowed to open 24 hours a day but they will inform the decision after consulting the Sindh Chief Minister in this regard.

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During the discussion, the traders expressed the view that opening of shopping malls and extension of business hours would make distance between social networks possible. it was announced that the markets sealed by the Sindh government would be reopened from monday, but the deadlock remained over the opening of business centers for a long time and non-opening of shopping malls.

Atiq Mir, head of Karachi Traders Union, who was present at the meeting, told that during the talks, the provincial ministers stressed on the need for full implementation of SOPs by the market vendors and announced that all the sealed markets would be reopened from Monday.

Atiq Mir said that there are six to seven days left in which business centers should be allowed to open till late at night. Our people are in dire straits. The Sindh government should try to understand this. We are ready to fill the jails but the markets will open.

On the other hand, Imtiaz Sheikh, the provincial minister, said that the demand of traders for extension of working hours and days of markets would be decided by Sindh chief minister. However, the demand for opening sealed markets has been accepted.

Provincial Minister Saeed Ghani said that if anyone did not comply with government orders, action would be taken against him and shops would be sealed. Once the Corona virus is gone, the business will be fully open. We know at whose instigation everything is happening. The PTI has been busy sabotaging the decisions of the Sindh government since day one.

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