The Enjoyment of Children is over, Plan to Open the School is Ready

The Enjoyment of Children is over, Plan to Open the School is Ready

Schools are Going to Open Soon

The school education department has planned to open schools in phases, schools will be opened in tehsils with low corona cases, first higher and high secondary schools will be opened, students will be called to schools for 3 days.

According to details, the school education department has started considering various aspects for opening schools in phases, first schools will be opened in districts and tehsils where cases of corona will be less. Higher and higher secondary schools will be opened in collaboration with the Health Department. Ninth to twelfth grade students will be invited to school for 3 days.

Children’s classes will be held in the morning, afternoon and evening to maintain social distance. Training will be given to the teachers and parents committee before the school opens. Teachers, students will be screened on a daily basis and fever will be recorded. Children and teachers with fever will be discharged. Already fifth graders will be able to go to school two days a week.

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Sixth, seventh and eighth grades will take three days of school. The rest of the day the children will do homework and study at home from the Education Home channel. In areas where cable is not available, children will be taught through mobile vans.

Teachers will pay special attention to social distance when teaching children in different areas on mobile vans. The Department of Health will train teachers to prevent coronary heart disease. Masks, sanitizers, soups and thermometers must be available in schools.

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