The eyes deceive!

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The eyes deceive!

The eyes deceive!
Eyes Deceive

I feel sorry for “Sana Khan-e-Taqdis-e-Mashreq”. These people are living in the dome of Bismillah, they have no idea what is going on around them. Yes, so they are also completely satisfied that they have adapted everything in their sphere of influence to their own ideas.

He believes that all of them have become true followers of Islam and have adapted to Eastern values ​​who have transformed themselves from Western to Eastern. They are wearing shalwar kameez instead of suits and hats on their heads. There is also a beautiful beard on the face or the girls are wearing hijab instead of walking around naked, wearing chador or wearing full burqa. They are satisfied that alcohol is banned in the country. “Beauty Bazaar” is closed, these are very forgetful people. Absolutely unaware that in many cases the hijab, the chador and the burqa cover everything that happens, the young man should not appear in the presence of “security measures”.

The situation is that alcoholics drink alcohol openly. In Karachi, alcohol is also sold openly and in Lahore, in five-star hotels and clubs, you can easily fulfill your hobby by staying behind the scenes, even if you drink. In first class IA, you can calmly open your bottle, order ice from air hostesses and continue this hobby till the destination. You have permission for it. The beauty market is not closed, it has now reached homes and offices.

Theft, robbery, embezzlement, bribery, hoarding, smuggling, fraud and seizure of people’s property have been started by “parsis” besides those with illegal and non-Oriental status. My innocent and forgetful Sana Khan of the East is not aware that criminals are also disguised. They do their deeds in such a disguise that they are not even suspected. Everything has changed but we are not ready to admit it.

If the government is serious about preventing collective sins and crimes, it should try to improve the economy as well as control the factors that fan the flames of greed, not just our scholars. Rather, the good and pious people among us who are truly bound by Sharia and uphold spiritual and Eastern values, launch a campaign against these hypocrites who are the enemies of Islam and Pakistan. They should be told that NRO is only in politics.

There is no place for it in the religion. If they do not do so, then God Almighty will surely fulfill His promise according to which He destroys the settlements established on the basis of oppression and wickedness and then its Also affected are those who have become accustomed to watching all these spectacles in silence.

The eyes deceive!

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