The IBA’s Big Decision Annual Exams of Students Will Be No More

The IBA’s (Institute of Business Administration) Big Decision Annual Exams of Students Will Be No More

IBA’s Decision ” No More Exams”

Karachi: After Matriculation and Inter, IBA Karachi (Institute of Business Administration) has made a big decision on the level of higher education in Pakistan and has issued a policy of simply passing / failing its students without examinations.

No grading will be given to the key students which will not have any positive or negative effect on their “CGPR” but the previous CGPA of the students will be maintained while the decision also said Teachers should consult their department heads before failing any poor performing students.

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IBA Director Dr. Akbar Zaidi has also informed all the deans and faculty members about this decision through an e-mail. A senior IBA faculty member told the media that the e-mail stated that the current semester ends on May 17 and in the current spring semester, students do not have to take final exams to pass or fail.

They should be assessed on the basis of “assignments, quizzes or projects” already given to them. However, at the same time, it has been said that if a student’s performance is very poor and it is appropriate to fail, then the teacher concerned will consult his department head.

According to the image of this e-mail received by the media, the teaching system of IBA Karachi has been affected for the last two months in this extraordinary situation. We are trying to maintain the standards in this situation.

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