The school education department gave permission to open offices

The school education department gave permission to open offices

School Office will be Open 2 Days a Week

The school education department has allowed district authorities across Punjab to open offices for two days in a week. The offices will be open on Mondays and Tuesdays to handle important tasks.

Necessary staff will be called to the offices on Monday and Tuesday. In view of the corona virus, it will be necessary to use masks in the offices and take special care of social distance. It will be open for repairs and cleaning from 2pm to 2pm.

Error in data of 3650 teachers of government schools in Lahore on school information system, Education Department has released the list of unverified teachers for accuracy of data.

According to the details, the profile of government school teachers could not be corrected on the school information system. The data of 3650 teachers in Lahore could not be verified yet. The School Education Department has issued a list of names of teachers to District Lahore to correct the data.

The profiles of 3,650 teachers are still incorrect. The school education department said that if the profile of the teachers was not corrected, the salaries would be withheld. The school heads would correct the data of the teachers of their respective schools.

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