Train service starts from tomorrow, SOPs for passengers continue

Train service starts from tomorrow, SOPs for passengers continue.

LAHORE: The Railway Department has issued SOPs for train passengers.

According to Deputy Superintendent Railways Amir Nisar, after two months, passenger trains will start tomorrow from May 20 and in the first phase, 30 trains are being run from all four provinces.

He said that tomorrow the first train Pakistan Express will leave Rawalpindi for Karachi at 6 am and the second train will leave Rawalpindi for Lahore at 7 am tomorrow while the third train will leave Lahore for Rawalpindi at 7.30 am.

DS Railways said that SOPs would be strictly enforced during train service, passengers should arrive at the station one hour earlier and no passenger’s loved one should be allowed to enter the station premises.

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Amir Nisar said that 60 per cent passengers will be in the train and 40 per cent seats will be vacant, while Corona will be fined Rs 500 for violating safety arrangements and Rs 1,000 for the second violation, the passenger will be derailed for the third time.

According to DS Railway, ticket sales will be online and reservation offices will remain closed.

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