Two more youths martyred in firing by Indian forces in occupied Kashmir

SRINAGAR: Occupying Indian Army martyred two more Kashmiri youths during a house-to-house search in Doda district of Occupied Kashmir.

The atrocities and state terrorism of the Indian Army continue in occupied Kashmir and the curfew imposed by the Modi government in the Valley has been in place for more than eight months.

All communications in the valley, including mobile and internet, have been cut off since August 5 last year, while the Hurriyat leadership and political leaders remain locked in homes and jails.

According to Kashmir Media Service, the occupying forces launched a fresh operation in which two Kashmiri youths were shot dead under the guise of house-to-house search during the siege in Doda district.

According to the report, an Indian soldier was also killed during the clash.

Background of the current situation in Kashmir

Even before India introduced a bill in the Rajya Sabha on August 5, 2019 to abolish the special status of Kashmir, it abolished Article 370 of the Constitution, which gave special status to Kashmir, by a presidential decree, as well as bringing the occupied Kashmir under federal control. The administration was divided into two parts (UNION TERRITORIES) under which the first part would consist of Ladakh while the second would consist of Jammu and Kashmir.

India passed both the bills by an overwhelming majority in the Lok Sabha.

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What is Article 370?

Article 370 of the Indian Constitution deals with special powers in occupied Kashmir.

Article 370 gave the State of Occupied Kashmir the freedom to make its own constitution, to uphold it, to keep its flag and in all matters except defense, foreign affairs and communications.

The provisions and laws of the Indian Constitution which apply to other states could not be applied to the State of Occupied Kashmir under this section.

Under Article 370 of the Indian Constitution, a citizen of any other state could not become a citizen of occupied Kashmir or buy a place in the valley.

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