Umar Akmal challenged the three-year ban

Umar Akmal – Pakistani Cricketer

National cricketer Umar Akmal has filed an appeal against a three-year ban for violating the code of conduct for offering match-fixing.

Under the Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) anti-corruption code, Umar Akmal was sentenced to three years in prison on two different occasions for violating the code of conduct, which he has challenged.

Umar Akmal has hired renowned lawyer Babar Awan and through him has filed an appeal against the sentence whereas earlier Umar Akmal had fought his own case in the PCB disciplinary panel and he was heard without a lawyer. I was present.

The Pakistan Cricket Board will appoint an independent judge within 15 days on the appeal of Umar Akmal, who will have to rule on the appeal within a month of the appointment.

Umar Akmal was issued a notice of charge on March 17 stating that the cricketer had violated Article 2.4.4 of the PCB Anti-Corruption Code twice at two different times, with a minimum sentence of six months to life. There is a restriction.

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Background of Umar Akmal’s case

On February 20, the Pakistan Cricket Board immediately suspended Umar Akmal under Section 4.7.1 of the Anti-Corruption Code and an investigation was launched by the Anti-Corruption Unit. Due to this suspension, Umar Akmal could not participate in Pakistan Super League 5.

It was later reported that Bucky had offered match-fixing to Umar Akmal but he failed to inform the PCB in time.

After that, the anti-corruption unit of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) kept the data of Umar Akmal’s phone and seized both his phones by summoning Umar Akmal.

According to records, before PSL 2020, Bucky contacted Umar Akmal and offered him fixing.

After getting these solid evidences, the PCB took action and then Umar Akmal also admitted to contacting Bucky but his suspension was upheld for not informing the PCB or the team management in time.

On March 20, cricketer Umar Akmal was charged with violating the anti-corruption code and Umar Akmal was given till March 31 to file a reply.

The Test cricketer was charged under anti-corruption code 4.2.2 and charged twice with violating the law.

Article 4.2.2 of the PCB Anti-Corruption Code is not to inform the PCB Vigilance and Security Department about the offer of corruption by any individual.

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