What medicine is the US President taking daily to avoid Corona?

Washington – US President Donald Trump has said he takes one pill of hydroxychloroquine daily to protect against the corona virus.

Speaking to restaurant executives, President Trump said he started taking malaria medicine after consulting a White House doctor.

“The Maracrona test is negative and there is no sign of a virus, but I have been using hydroxychloroquine for the past week to protect against the virus,” said Donald Trump.

President Trump was asked why he was taking hydroxychloroquine?

Trump replied, “I think it’s a good medicine. I’ve heard good things about it.”

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In March, US President Donald Trump proposed the malaria drug Chloroquine Chloroquine and the hydroxychloroquine hydroxychloroquine for corona treatment, saying he had removed the red tape barrier to treating corona virus and developing vaccines.

Many companies and organizations around the world are currently working on more than 100 vaccines for the treatment of corona virus, five of which have been tested on humans.

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