Whipping is officially over in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, flogging has been formally abolished.

The Saudi Ministry of Justice said in a statement on Twitter that “whipping will now be replaced by imprisonment or fines or both, the courts will hear cases, review them and the nature of each case.” Will make a fair decision.

According to the Arab News Agency, Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Justice Walid Al-Samani issued a circular to all courts in this regard yesterday informing them of the Supreme Court’s decision to punish the courts with flogging as punishment. Instead, imprisonment or fines or both will be imposed.

It should be noted that the Supreme Court of Saudi Arabia had in April announced the abolition of whipping under a royal decree in the lower court system.

In this regard, the General Commission of the Supreme Court had issued a guideline for the courts based on guidelines.

In Saudi Arabia, flogging was used for a variety of crimes, while other corporal punishments, including amputation of the hand for theft, the death penalty or murder, and beheading for terrorism, were ruled out.

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