Why was the coach of national captain Babar Azam forced to become a fruit seller?

While many people have lost their jobs due to the lockdown caused by Code 19, some people have been forced to work outside their profession.

Among such people is Rana Sadiq, who coaches at the grassroots level, who has planted fruit to support himself and his children.

Rana Sadiq coaches at Ghulam Qadir Club and Zafar Memorial Cricket Club, two registered clubs of the Pakistan Cricket Board based at Carson Ground in Lahore.

Rana Sadiq decorates a cart of fresh seasonal fruits at the beginning of the main bazaar in Garhi Shahu area of ​​Lahore and sells fruits to feed himself and his children.

Rana Sadiq told Geo News that he has been involved in coaching for 15 years, he loves sports fields and youth training while he likes to train youth at the grass root level.

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Rana Sadiq said that he has been the coach of District Under-19, he has also been the senior district grade two coach while he is associated with North Zone but now he has to take care of himself and his children, the clubs are closed. When sports activities are suspended, they have started selling fruits for employment.

He said that he has trained hundreds of youngsters at the age group level, including Pakistan T20 and ODI captain Babra Azam.

He said that Babar Azam coached him when he was playing under-16 cricket while Hussain Talat and Agha Salman have also coached him.

Rana Sadiq further said that in the current era, unemployment is already spreading due to the closure of departmental cricket, the second deficit has now been removed by the corona virus, we do not ask for anything else, our only request is that the lockdown It is being relaxed everywhere. It should also be relaxed for the playgrounds so that we too can start our activities and earn our living with dignity.

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