2021 Mandela Rhodes Scholarship – Fully Funded

2021 Mandela Rhodes Scholarship – Fully Funded

Type of Scholarship Fellowships & Scholarships
Posted Date 13 April 2021
Last Date 20 April 2021
Country South Africa
Who Can Apply Specific Countries
Organizer Mandela Rhodes Foundation
Contact the Organizer coralie@mrf.org.za
2021 Mandela Rhodes Scholarship - Fully Funded
2021 Mandela Rhodes Scholarship – Fully Funded


Applications are open for the Mandela Rhodes Scholarship – Fully Funded. The deadline for the scholarship is 20th April 2021.  The Mandela Rhodes Scholarships programme is a blend of financial support for postgraduate studies and a high worth Leadership Development Programme, with the intention of building exceptional leadership capacity in Africa.

The fundamental purpose of The Mandela Rhodes Foundation is to build exceptional leadership capacity in Africa through its various programmes and, to this end, intends to be the leading protagonist in Africa for such endeavors.

The Mandela Rhodes programmes will expand leadership and vocational capacity across African society, to assist the continent accomplish success and opulence and full equal participation in the global world. They will constitute ‘History At Work’, extracting from past legacies to help Africa succeed in the 21st century. The Scholarships Programme will be the main focus for the foreseeable future.

The Scholarships programme will request candidates who recognize with the values set out by Mr. Mandela and Mr. Rhodes; as well as representing the characteristics set out separately in the document. The Characteristics Sought in a Mandela Rhodes Scholar.

Benefits of Mandela Rhodes Scholarship

  1. Financial scope of the Scholarship
  • Tuition and registration fees as set by the institution
  • A study materials allowance as set by the MRF
  • Accommodation and meal allowances as set by the MRF
  • A medical aid allowance as set by the MRF
  • Economy-class travel allowance for international Scholars only from the Scholar’s home to their institution at the beginning and end of their degree
  • Personal allowance
  1. Leadership Development Programme
  • Three residential Workshops;
  • Three Regional group Pods;
  • Second Year Programme
  1. Residential Workshops

The heart of the Leadership Development Programme is carryed out primarily through a series of residential Workshops.

  • These highlight and connect gravely with the four principles of the Foundation, namely: Leadership
  • Reconciliation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Education

The Workshops create a exclusive opportunity to build the individual capacities of Scholars, offer the space to engage with high-profile leaders and expert thinkers, build a sense of community within the cohort and connect incoming Scholars to the broader Mandela Rhodes Community.

The Foundation holds three Workshops of approximately five days each during the year. Presence to the Workshops is necessary for all Scholars. Since workshop dates will be given in advance, Mandela Rhodes Scholars must make the necessary arrangements where there are clashes with their academic calendars to ensure full participation in the Workshops.

  1. Pods
  • Pods are regional gatherings which seek to:
  • Build stronger local support networks;
  • Continue particular conversations and areas of reflection and engagement to supplement learning from the residential Workshops;
  • Enrich the residential experience once Scholars return home.
  1. Mentoring
  • The third component of the programme is a voluntary Mentoring Programme. The purpose of this component is to:
  • Give Scholars in residence space for one-on-one reflection, advice and growth;
  • Allow alumni Mandela Rhodes Scholars to give back to the Foundation through volunteering their time serving as Mentors;
  • Build intergenerational networks among Mandela Rhodes Scholars;
  • Enrich and support the growth journey of Scholars in their year-in-residence beyond the group gatherings.
  1. Second Year Programme

The overall purpose of the Second Year Program is to prepare Scholars to be more impactful in their respective sectors, while they are in the second year of their Masters. Using multi-disciplinary pod groups, design thinking and systems thinking principles, the pod sessions are aimed to equip Scholars with the necessary mindsets and tools to action the principles of the MRF towards greater societal impact.

Eligibility for Mandela Rhodes Scholarship

The Scholarship is open to citizens of all African countries

The Scholarship is for postgraduate study at South African universities or tertiary institutions

Full funding is for Honours (maximum one year) or Masters (up to a maximum of two years) or their equivalents (MBA’s excluded)

Any individual who will be between the ages of 19 and 30 years at the time of taking up the Scholarship may apply

Applicants must possess a first degree or its equivalent or must be in the process of completing one by 31 January 2021

Applicants should have a history of well above average academic results

Individuals that reflect in their character a commitment to the four principles of Education, Reconciliation, Leadership and Entrepreneurship

Applicants must be able to attend all compulsory elements of our Leadership Development Programme. These activities can occur during the week or on weekends.

The Scholarship cannot be deferred once awarded. It must be taken up in the year which was applied for.

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PLEASE NOTE: If you qualify for the Scholarship, The Mandela Rhodes Foundation does not apply to tertiary institutions on your behalf. Applicants must apply separately to their chosen tertiary institution for the degree they wish to undertake. The Scholarship award is conditional on the applicant being offered a place at the relevant institution.


2021 Mandela Rhodes Scholarship – Fully Funded

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