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A stem cell-filled capsule can repair a broken heart

New York: Stem cells are fully capable of adapting to different types of cells due to their properties. Now that small capsules have been filled with special stem cells and inserted into mice, a great improvement has been noticed in the heart affected by a heart attack.

Severe damage to the heart muscle after a severe heart attack or heart attack. To compensate, Rice University scientists have developed small capsules full of stem cells and have been shown to repair parts of the affected heart.

But when the stem cells are placed on the heart, they do not stay there for long. This is because the heart rejects them as aliens and they begin to descend from the heart. To solve this problem, they chose Mason Camel Stem Cells (MCS) and filled them with a special type of hydrogen capsule made of brown algae.

Central scientist Ravi Ghanta said that unexpectedly, stem cells began to die after transplantation and they did not become part of the heart, but another thing happened. Fortunately, some chemicals were released from the stem cells, which began to repair the heart and reduce the severity of the injury. Under the same concept, it is now possible to somehow keep the cells above the heart alive for a long time and keep the affected heart healthy.

A stem cell-filled capsule can repair a broken heart