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Animal Husbandry Mcqs ( Agriculture ) MCQs – Agriculture MCQs

Animal Husbandry Mcqs ( Agriculture ) MCQs – Agriculture MCQs

This post is comprising of latest ” ( Agriculture ) MCQs – Latest Competitive Agriculture MCQs “. Here you’ll get latest Software engineering mcqs for written test, interview with answers. If you want to improve your knowledge regarding Software engineering then read these mcqs of Design of Steel Structures.

Latest Agriculture MCQs

By practicing these MCQs of Animal Husbandry Mcqs ( Agriculture ) MCQs – Latest Competitive Agriculture MCQs , an individual for exams performs better than before. This post comprising of mechanical engineering objective questions and answers related to Animal Husbandry Mcqs ( Agriculture ) Mcqs “. As wise people believe “Perfect Practice make a Man Perfect”. It is therefore practice these mcqs of Software engineering to approach the success. Tab this page to check “Animal Husbandry Mcqs ( Agriculture )” for the preparation of competitive mcqs, FPSC mcqs, PPSC mcqs, SPSC mcqs, KPPSC mcqs, AJKPSC mcqs, BPSC mcqs, NTS mcqs, PTS mcqs, OTS mcqs, Atomic Energy mcqs, Pak Army mcqs, Pak Navy mcqs, CTS mcqs, ETEA mcqs and others.

Latest Animal Husbandry Mcqs ( Agriculture ) Mcqs

The most occurred mcqs of Animal Husbandry Mcqs ( Agriculture ) in past papers. Past papers of Animal Husbandry Mcqs ( Agriculture ) Mcqs. Past papers of Animal Husbandry Mcqs ( Agriculture ) Mcqs . Mcqs are the necessary part of any competitive / job related exams. The Mcqs having specific numbers in any written test. It is therefore everyone have to learn / remember the related Animal Husbandry Mcqs ( Agriculture ) Mcqs. The Important series of Animal Husbandry Mcqs ( Agriculture ) Mcqs are given below:

The act of giving birth to young one is called _____________________?

A. Fertilization
B. Ovulation
C. Conception
D. Parturition

Rigor worthies is the stiffening of ________________________?

A. Bones
B. Ribs
C. Muscles
D. Tissues

Infertile male animal is called __________________________?

A. Teaser
B. Sensor
C. Censor
D. Sterile

Dajal is a bread of cattle from _______________________?

A. Jacobabad
B. Sahiwal
C. D.G Khan
D. Lahore

There are two main buffalo breeds one is Nili Ravi, other is _______________________?

A. Tharparker
B. Kundi
C. Exotic bread
D. Kankres

The secretion from the mammary gland of cow just before and after the calf is born is called ________________________?

A. Fresh milk
B. Milk
C. Colostrums
D. Whole milk

In colostrums Vitamin D are how many times more than normal milk_______________?

A. 4 times
B. 2 times
C. 3 times
D. 5 times

In Livestock is considered as _________________________?

A. 50 % of herd
B. 60 % of herd
C. 30 % of herd
D. 40 % of herd

Chevon meat is a _______________________?

A. Buffalo meat
B. Goat meat
C. Sheep meat
D. Cow meat

Sheep is classified as________________?

A. Ovis aries
B. Ruminantia
C. Capra hiricus
D. None of above

The amount of feed which the animals consumes during 24 hr with out any compulsion is called _____________________?

A. Voluntary feed intake
B. Total food intake
C. Feed intake
D. Dry matter intake

creep ration is given before ______________________?

A. Conception
B. Weaning
C. Calving
D. Both a & c

Stemming Ration is given during last week of _____________________?

A. Parturition
B. Pregnancy
C. Conception
D. None of above

Nanny is also called ___________________?

A. Female Cow
B. Female sheep
C. Female goat
D. Female horse

Agricultural Economics MCQs

Those rams whose breeding worth is known, is known as _______________________?

A. Experienced ram
B. Mature ram
C. Adult ram
D. None of above

Fertilization of egg & sperm takes place in the ____________________?

A. Vagina
B. Fallopian tube
C. Uterus
D. Oviduct

Period from kidding/lambing to next oestrus is called ______________________?

A. Calving interval
B. Service interval
C. Both of the above
D. None of the above

When a goat shows all signs of pregnancy but not produce young one is called ____________________?

A. False pregnancy
B. Not pregnant
C. Psevdo pregnancy
D. None of above

Which technique is also called Insacco or Nylen bag technique ________________________?

A. In Vitro
B. In Situ
C. In Vivo
D. None of above

There is cattle breed which is ___________ Dual purpose?

A. Meat purpose
B. Hide purpose
C. Milk purpose
D. non of these

Red Sindhi cow is also called ______________________?

A. Sindhi Cow
B. Lasbela Cow
C. Malir Cow
D. Kohistani Cow

In Pakistan Poultry busyness was Started in _______________________?

A. 1969
B. 1963
C. 1960
D. 1965

Brother is bird which is mainly kept for ________________________?

A. Dual purpose
B. Egg purpose
C. Meat purpose
D. feather purpose

A broiler eat 3Kg feed in 6 weeks weigh up to____________________?

A. 1.7 kg
B. 1.8 kg
C. 1.5 kg
D. 2.0 kg

All Vitamins are present in eggs except ______________________?

A. Vit. B
B. Vit. A
C. Vit. C
D. Vit. D

Rani khet is also called _______________________?

A. new castle disease
B. Aveon Influenza
C. Infectious Bronchitis
D. Infectious disease

The average weight of commercial bird is about ________________________?

A. 60 gm
B. 40 gm
C. 50 gm
D. 70 gm

The ancestor of poultry bird is _______________________?

A. Sparrow
B. Archaeopteryx
C. Crow
D. Duck

Sussex is a class of bird from _______________________?

A. American class
B. English class
C. Asiatic class
D. Mediterranean class

One day old female chick is called ________________________?

A. Cockerel
B. Pullet
C. Chick
D. Hen

Soil Science MCQs

One-day old male chick is called ______________________?

A. Pullet
B. Chick
C. Cockerel
D. Hen

L.S.B (Layallpor Silver Black) was developed at ________________________?

A. U.A.F
B. Sargodha
C. Multan
D. Sahiwal

IN layer growing period is form ____________________?

A. 10 – 15 wks
B. 8 – 20 wks
C. 10 – 20 wks
D. 15 – 20 wks

The largest part of female reproductive tract in chicken is_________________?

A. Magnum
B. isthmus
C. Infundibulm
D. Uterus

Incubation Period of chick is ________________________?

A. 23 days
B. 22 days
C. 21 days
D. 20 days

Quails have incubation period of _______________________________?

A. 14 days
B. 12 days
C. 16 days
D. 17 days

The practice of incubation was started in about 1000 B.C by__________________?

A. American
B. Egyptian
C. Chinese
D. European

The fertile eggs are never be stored at a temperature less than _______________________?

A. 12°C
B. 11°C
C. 10°C
D. 13°C

Shape of an egg is a ________________________?

A. Heritable character
B. Depend on food given
C. Depend on breed
D. Depend on went average

Isthmus is a part evident which help in _________________________?

A. Albumen secretion
B. Egg shall formation membrane
C. Formation of cuticles
D. Fertilization

Pooping is process during which the embryo ____________________?

A. Breaks the egg shell
B. Eat egg shell
C. Both of the above
D. None of the above

Malpesition is a condition during which the chick hatch _________________________?

A. Do not hatch
B. Abnormal
C. Poorly
D. Diseased one

Lethal body temperature in chicken is __________________________?

A. 75°C
B. 40°C
C. 42°C
D. 45°C

Change in body temperature with in 24 hrs is called ________________________?

A. Acclimatization
B. Circadian
C. Acclimation
D. Heat lost

Cortex produces ______________________________?

A. Corticosterole
B. Adrenalin
C. Catecholamine
D. None of above

Intensity of light in poultry is measure by _______________________?

A. Dark period
B. Light period
C. Foot candle
D. None of above

Plant Breeding And Genetics MCQs

Where environment temperature is high the poultry house should face toward______________________?

A. North-South
B. East-North
C. East-West
D. None of above

Floor space for broiler up to 6 weeks _________________________?

A. 1.25 ft2
B. 1 ft2
C. 0.5 ft2
D. 1.5 ft2

Breeder parent should be given ration _______________________?

A. Ration No. 3
B. Ration No. 1
C. Ration No. 4
D. Ration No. 6

Which scientist is considered to be the father of animal Nutrition _________________?

A. Morrison
B. Lehman
C. Lavasior
D. Wolff

A compound or a chemical substance which is essential for maintenance of body and has a specific role in nourishment if called ____________________?

A. Component
B. Ingredient
C. Constituent
D. Nutrient

Nucleoprotein & glycoprotein is a kind of which protein group ______________________?

A. Simple
B. Conjugated
C. Derived
D. None of above

Transference of nutrient from gut to blood is called __________________________?

A. Effusion
B. Diffusion
C. Active transport
D. Absorption

Which scientist started that were 3- proximate principles in feed or eating material ________________________?

A. Prout
B. Lind
C. Morrison
D. Lavasior

Vitamin-D is a _________________________?

A. Fat soluble Vitamin
B. Water soluble Vitamin
C. Both of the above
D. None of the above

Which Vitamin is called Tocopherol ________________________ ?

A. Vit. C
B. Vit. B
C. Vit. D
D. Vit. E

Liver is the store house of ______________________?

A. Vit. A
B. Vit. C
C. Vit. B
D. Vit. D

The most important function of Vit. E is in ______________________?

A. Respiration
B. Production
C. Reproduction
D. Urination

The act of removing the skin or hide during slaughtering is___________________?

A. Flag
B. Fleece
C. Flare
D. Skin

A sheep with all incisor teeth missing is called ______________________?

A. Adult sheep
B. Gummer
C. Gummy
D. Toothless sheep

Animal Husbandry Mcqs ( Agriculture ) MCQs – Agriculture MCQs