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Anti-polio drive launched, 83 lakh children to be given vitamin A drops

KARACHI: A seven-day anti-polio drive has been launched across Sindh including Karachi during which more than 9.2 million children across Sindh will be vaccinated against polio.

According to the Emergency Operations Center for Polio Sindh, a polio campaign has been launched in Sindh including Karachi. Under the 7-day anti-polio campaign, more than 2.3 million children under the age of 5 will be vaccinated in Karachi while 92 across Sindh will be vaccinated. As many as 55,925 children will be vaccinated against polio and 8.3 million children between the ages of 6 months and 5 years will be vaccinated with vitamin A to boost their immunity.

The campaign will be run in 29 districts across Sindh, all workers will ensure implementation of SOPs to prevent the spread of corona virus, the campaign will continue across Sindh until August 21, in 64 cases reported in Pakistan. 21 are from Sindh.

Provincial Health Minister Dr. Azra Pechoho said in a statement that in order to secure the future of this country, every Pakistani must join us in the fight against polio, preventing the spread of the virus and protecting children from the disease. Vaccination is a must, so parents should cooperate with polio teams and make their children’s future safe and healthy.

Anti-polio drive launched, 83 lakh children to be given vitamin A drops